Cornell Student Posts Song/Rant About Congress, Recent Debt Ceiling Debacle

Earlier this month, Cornell University student Elliot Mandel wrote and recorded himself singing a song about how much he loathes the U.S. government. Titled “You Are My Congress” and set to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine,” the YouTube musical rant expresses Mandel’s frustration with politicos in the wake of the debt ceiling debacle.

As the chorus of the song goes, “You are my Congress, my only Congress.  You make me sad I voted for you.  You’ll never know how much I hate you.  Please don’t get reelected next year.”

While sung off-key, Mandel’s anti-government ballad appears to be a pitch-perfect representation of the public’s historically high level of disgust with partisan politics.

Many students, it seems, share in this disgust.  In the weeks leading up to the last-minute debt ceiling deal and during its immediate aftermath, NextGen Journal posted an array of undergraduates’ opinions on the negotiations and larger state of American politics.  Their verdict: These are dark days for the country– and the younger generation that politicians forever claim to be fighting for.

“This standoff is exactly what makes people hate politics,” Penn State University senior Michael Oplinger wrote roughly a week before a final compromise was reached.  “It’s the fighting, the blaming, the whining and, most importantly, the lack of any actual accomplishments. . . . The standoff has just about broken my faith in our system.  If I wrote this column based on pure reaction, it would be filled with far too many expletives to print. . . . [I]f this debate is a sign of how our government will deal with issues in the future, the system truly is finished.”

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