Princeton Review Best College Newspapers: 2011 List

Best College Newspapers: 2013 Ranking Released by Princeton Review

The latest rankings report listing the country’s “Best College Newspapers” has been released by Princeton Review.  The 20 student newspapers below were rated tops in the U.S. via a national surveying of undergraduate students.  As Bryan Murley from the Center for Innovation in College Media confirmed last summer, the process by which these papers achieve the “Best” distinction is as flawed as the debt ceiling debacle.

Yet, the rankings receive more attention from the public and mainstream media than every other student journalism contest and competition, including the Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker awards (the closest the student press has to the Pulitzer Prizes).  Why?  My guess, without sarcasm or cynicism: It’s an offshoot of the attention given to the sexier rankings such as “Best Party Schools.”

The list held relatively steady from last year– 12 of the 20 ranked in summer 2010 once again made the cut.  The Daily Tar Heel and Yale Daily News switched top spots.  The Battalion, Badger Herald, Daily Northwestern, Daily Texan, and Independent Florida Alligator vaulted into the top 10 from lower spots.  The most dramatic leap: The Brown Daily Herald‘s sudden appearance at number four after not appearing at all last year.  The best papers that are missing, in my opinion: The Daily Californian (UC Berkeley), The Harvard Crimson, The Indiana Daily Student, and The Lantern (Ohio State).

1. The Daily Tar Heel, University of North Carolina

2. The Yale Daily News, Yale University

3. The Badger Herald, University of Wisconsin-Madison

4. The Brown Daily Herald, Brown University

5. The Battalion, Texas A&M University

6. The Daily Collegian, Penn State University

7. The Daily Northwestern, Northwestern University

8. The Diamondback, University of Maryland

9. The Independent Florida Alligator, University of Florida

10. The Daily Texan, University of Texas at Austin

11. The Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota

12. The Post, Ohio University

13. The Cornell Daily Sun, Cornell University

14. The Daily Mississippian, University of Mississippi

15. The Daily Campus, University of Connecticut

16. The University Daily Kansan, Kansas University

17. The Daily Gamecock, University of South Carolina

18. The Daily Orange, Syracuse University

19. The Hilltop, Howard University

20. The Tufts Daily, Tufts University

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12 Responses to “Princeton Review Best College Newspapers: 2011 List”
  1. AP says:

    The Daily Iowan still missing from this list (and your added suggestions). I’d venture to say they’re far better than a number of these on the list.

    • OpEdward says:

      DI alum here, so I’m obviously not unbiased, but yeah. I know I saw some of these papers pull our stuff from U-Wire while I was there. /owned

  2. Dan says:

    An extremely fair comment. Alas, there are many, many excellent papers left off. Where’s the UGA Red & Black, for example, or the MSU State News? And the list obviously favors the pubs at bigger schools as well, so the little (or at least littler) guys get shunned– the UNF Spinnaker, the WKU College Heights Herald, etc.

  3. Meredith Shamburger says:

    Seriously, why do people skip over the Pacemakers? That’s never made sense to me. ACP always highlights the best of the best.

    But at least I can take this opportunity to gloat. My alma mater, The Daily Campus (SMU, not UCONN), took home 1st Place Overall among Division 1 newspapers at TIPA this year, beating out two of the papers on the Princeton Review’s List.

    It’s the small things in life, really.

  4. Travis says:

    No love for the non dailies. Boo.

  5. Leslie Heck says:

    As a former “Postie,” thank you for including Ohio University’s The Post on your list. However, knowing the quality of this daily paper and the effort that goes into producing it, I must disagree with your comment that Ohio State’s The Lantern just missed the mark, Dan. Whenever I’ve picked it up in the past few years on various occasions I’ve been in Columbus, I’ve thought it seemed like a scrappy, underground or high school newspaper. It really disappointed me because the name The Lantern gets mentioned a fair amount. Yet, I’m not surprised because Ohio State doesn’t even have an accredited journalism school. That’s the thing–during my parents’ and professors’ era (’70s), it was a decent program and The Lantern was revered. I’m convinced any acknowledgment it receives now is because it rides on the coattails of a once highly respected paper and/or because it has coverage of the on-and-off-again #1 nationally ranked football team and its scandels. But don’t go thinking because I’m “trashing” the paper that I have something against Ohio State. My parents both went there, and I’m a huge Buckeyes fan. I could’ve gone there if I had wanted to; I got in. I will say that I am jealous of you, Dan, for thinking of this intriguing blog topic/research topic; I wish I had thought of it whenever I had dismissed the idea of going to j-grad school because research on the media field sounded boring.

    • Leslie Heck says:

      scandal* … UGH hate when I do that! Oh, and by blog topic/research topic, I meant the entire website, College Media Matters. Great stuff! I plan on visiting the site more in the future. Thanks!

  6. university says:

    nice post thanks admin :)

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