Crimson White ‘Year in Review’ Issue Published in 3-D

Earlier this week, The Crimson White published a special “Year in Review” issue– in 3-D.  See a screenshot of a portion of the front page below– if you have the glasses, you’ll enjoy the full 3-D effect.

It was distributed a month later than planned due to the tornado that traumatized Tuscaloosa, the University of Alabama’s hometown.

According to Mark Mayfield, the editorial adviser to student publications at the school:

“The 24-page edition– featuring the CW’s annual ‘Year in Review’ theme– includes most photos and ads in 3-D, along with special card-stock glasses inserted into each of the 15,000 copies.  It was distributed [Wednesday] inside The Crimson White’s regular issue.  To ensure the process worked, the 3-D edition had been printed early the week the tornado hit in April, but was never released. The newspaper’s student editors and advisers here at the UA Office of Student Media agreed it would have been inappropriate to distribute the issue in the immediate aftermath of the storm.”

CW editor in chief Victor Luckerson: The issue “seemed very important when we did it, but became irrelevant immediately after the storm.  Still, it’s a very cool product and now might provide some levity for people who have gone through so much.”

Meanwhile, the newspaper is continuing its Herculean efforts to provide post-disaster updates on physical and emotional recovery efforts in various Tuscaloosa neighborhoods and at the university.

As Mayfield confirms, the staff posted “100-plus stories and videos within the first two weeks [after the tornado], and hundreds of updates via Twitter and Facebook as well.  The editors have continued to update the site several times daily, and to use social media to get information as quickly as possible to students, faculty and Tuscaloosa residents.”

A screenshot of a portion of The Crimson White front page on May 4th, roughly a week after the tornado in Tuscaloosa. (Courtesy of Mark Mayfield)

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