College Media Story Ideas: Campus Pets, Music, Activism, and Late Night Library Antics

—  A rundown of the top 10 pet friendly schools.  Apparently, students are enjoying evermore freedom at some schools to room with certain animals in campus housing and have their pets included in all parts of their college experience.  For example, according to Eckerd University’s dean of admissions and financial aid, “A couple of years ago, we had one young lady whose dog actually walked across stage with her at commencement.”

What are the pet policies on your campus?  Depending, what are the most popular animals legally or illegally being cared for by students?  More generally, while at school, how do students deal with the separation from their pets at home?  And what about faculty and staff pets?  Any pet-owner lookalikes?  Depending, a photo slideshow is a must.  (U.S. News & World Report, Huffington Post, and UPIU)

—  A mini-ethnographic report on late-night antics at the Kent State University library.  The bottom-line question the reporter sought to answer: “What happens in the library after 2 a.m.?”  It is an interesting question, considering the bookish haunt is one of the few spots on most campuses open and well-lit 24/7. This piece told the library’s after-hours tale through a series of short observational bursts presented chronologically.  A more straightforward report with quotes from students and staff might also be interesting.

Among the questions I’m curious to have answered: What do staff do on the library’s graveyard shift?  Are there similarities among the students hanging out at such odd hours (i.e. all bookish nerds, grad students, sexiled roommates, hung-over frat guys, townies)?  What spots in the library are most known for more, ahem, elicit activities?  What does the security system for the library entail?  (

—  “On The Dwnld” is a weekly listing of the most downloaded music tracks by college students nationwide.  What are the hottest singles among students on your campus?  What about the hottest viral videos or mobile apps?  (NextGen Journal)

—  The wife of the University of Vermont president has been relieved of her “official volunteer role” after a mini-scandal involving an apparent relationship between her and a school administrator.  Yikes.  For story brainstorming’s sake, I’m less interested in the scandal than her status as an “official volunteer.”  What role does the president’s spouse serve at your college or university, if any?  What causes do he or she particularly champion?  Is he or she on the payroll or included in school brochures or websites in any capacity?  Or do he or she purposefully shun the spotlight?  (Inside Higher Ed)

—  An interesting mini-profile of a student activist at New York University.  In this case, she is attempting to shed light on the “ugly side” of the cosmetics industry. Who are the faces of student activism on your campus?  Any profs or admins with an activist history willing to tell their tales?  What are the most popular student causes at the moment?  What are some stories of student activists’ efforts? Any classes on activism in the current curriculum?  Depending, talk to the instructor.  What are the latest activism trends?  (Washington Square News)

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  1. In my opinion having pets with you in campus should not be allowed, because animals need a lot of space. Bringing them to a place with not enough room only makes them sad and causes a suffering for them.