Online Video Collection: ‘Important Lectures for Journalism Students’

Principles of Good Journalism. Why Newspapers Matter.  Media in Transition.  The Future of Publishing.  How Did the News Get So Dumb?

These are the names of just a few of the lectures, seminars, and workshops included in an interesting list compiled and posted by

The title of the list, which provides a slug, a brief description, and a link to a video of each talk: “40 Important Lectures for Journalism Students.”  (Suggested subtitle: “40 Lectures Possibly Worth Poaching by J-Profs”) :)

The list offers a very scattered collection of journalism, media, and contemporary culture chats– some delivered by biggies with last names such as Rather, Kinsley, and Assange.  A quick sampling of the first dozen proved marginally entertaining and occasionally enlightening.  Enjoy.

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