College Media Story Ideas: Shot Girls, Fake IDs, and Freshmen Going Greek

• An interesting glimpse at one night in the life of a shooter, or shot girl, a side job for many female students.  How popular is this nighttime/weekend profession among undergrads at your school?  What are the perks/downsides?  How do their parents/friends/sig others feel about their work?  (UPIU)

 A profile of four siblings— ages 10 to 16– enrolled at the University of Iowa at the same time.  What family holds the record for most legacy enrollees at your school?  How many young geniuses are seeking degrees at your school, and what are their stories?  How do admissions handle off-beat applicants such as these? (Daily Iowan)


• A pair of stories on the debate over whether freshmen at Princeton University should join Greek organizationsstory one and story two.  What are the rules at your school?  What do Greek student leaders, administrators and freshmen think? (Daily Princetonian)  Update: Here’s my USA Today College column on it.

 A write-up on a busting of a fake ID ring run by a student at the University of Maryland.  A separate piece on a fake ID website popular among students, apparently based in China.  What are the latest trends/controversies within your school’s fake ID culture?  Especially memorable student stories related to their use? Does your school consider fake IDs a major issue?  (Diamondback and UPIU)

 A piece outlining the latest skirmish in the textbook sales war being waged between college bookstores and  Portion of piece: “For years Amazon and other Internet retailers have been moving into a college textbook market that was virtually oligopolistic 15 years ago. Most college towns had only the college-run bookstore and one or two independent shops. Internet booksellers and the ease with which students can compare textbook prices have now made the market ‘exceptionally competitive.'”  How has your school bookstore fared in the past 15 years?  What are textbook-buying trends among students?  What do the profs assigning these textbooks think?  (Inside Higher Ed)  Update: Separate piece by Heather Regen at NextGen Journal on textbook renting and downloading trend.

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