College Problems: ‘Everyone’s Got Them. Tell Me Yours’

The only thing lower than your GPA is your bank account balance. Mistaking Nyquil for Dayquil.  Paper-thin dorm walls.  So much homework that you don’t know where to start.  Laptop dies [so] forced to pay attention during class. Open a bag of chips in the quiet part of the library [and] receive death stares.  Two water bottles left in the fridge [and] you don’t remember which one is vodka.

The many, varied, and often hilarious difficulties associated with the undergraduate experience now have an online home: College Problems.  Its tagline: “Everyone’s got them.  Tell me yours.”

The Tumblr site collects and projects brief user-submitted complaints and confessions about the complications of collegiate life.  They typically run only a sentence or two, almost always with a set-up and a punchline and sometimes without proper capitalization and grammar.

The inventor and purveyor of CP is a female Boston University freshman majoring in marine science who chooses to remain anonymous.

The site’s user-generated success is what most intrigues me.  The key seems to be simplicity– the concept, the site design, and the submission process are all geared toward making it easy to look at, ‘get,’ and feel compelled to contribute.

The idea seems ripe for localization by student newspapers, centering the problems talk on their home campuses, possibly with an editor/approver to keep more vulgar or personal attack posts from appearing.  Is this also possibly a model for future man-on-the-street queries?  (Let’s be honest, the random mugshot/quote combo for that feature is far overdue for a makeover.)

A small sampling of students’ recent submissions:

3 Responses to “College Problems: ‘Everyone’s Got Them. Tell Me Yours’”
  1. nick says:

    Ive never heard of but it sounds like it is pretty similar to FML or even twitter since it is mostly short 1-2 line user submited content.It is just geared towards college students. Very funny though and I can defeinitely relate to some of the problems haha

  2. Diana says:

    This is hilarious! i have definitely experienced a lot of these. At least now i know that i am not the only one!