In the Spotlight: Madeline Huerta, Founder & Overseer, College Problems

Madeline Huerta is a genius. She has turned other people’s problems (and some of her own) into Internet gold. Huerta is the creator and overseer of College Problems, a Tumblr site that offers undergraduates a spot to vent about everything related to higher ed. that irks or annoys them. The user-submitted entries typically run only […]

College Media Story Ideas: Campus Pets, Music, Activism, and Late Night Library Antics

—  A rundown of the top 10 pet friendly schools.  Apparently, students are enjoying evermore freedom at some schools to room with certain animals in campus housing and have their pets included in all parts of their college experience.  For example, according to Eckerd University’s dean of admissions and financial aid, “A couple of years […]

Online Video Collection: ‘Important Lectures for Journalism Students’

Principles of Good Journalism. Why Newspapers Matter.  Media in Transition.  The Future of Publishing.  How Did the News Get So Dumb? These are the names of just a few of the lectures, seminars, and workshops included in an interesting list compiled and posted by

Former Editor: Colorado J-School Closure First Step Toward Building ‘World-Class Program’

Susan Deans wants the world to know: Journalism is not dead at the University of Colorado.  In a recent guest commentary for The Denver Post, the former editor of Boulder’s Daily Camera wrote that the university is actually moving “closer to the forefront of journalism education” and will soon be “a leader in the field of […]

‘Print-Hating Generation Still Reads the College Newspaper!’

As digital and online media conquer the world, college students are still most content to read their campus newspapers in print. — It is not breaking news, confirmed over the past few years by a number of news outlets and marketing surveys– including a fall 2010 Poynter Online piece (screenshot below) and a Washington Post Magazine […]

Duke Chanticleer: ‘Portrait of a Yearbook’ as an Old Man

At nearly a century old, The Chanticleer, Duke University’s yearbook, is dying— at least in its current form. — A profile of the yearbook published in The Chronicle, the school’s student newspaper, during spring semester paints a grim picture.  The staff is having trouble giving free copies away.  Its top editor admits many students do […]

College Media Story Ideas: Shot Girls, Fake IDs, and Freshmen Going Greek

• An interesting glimpse at one night in the life of a shooter, or shot girl, a side job for many female students.  How popular is this nighttime/weekend profession among undergrads at your school?  What are the perks/downsides?  How do their parents/friends/sig others feel about their work?  (UPIU) — — • A profile of four siblings— ages […]

SPLC: Two Student Newspaper Advisers Fired . . . for No Good Reason

Late last month, a pair of student newspaper advisers were separately told their employment contracts were being terminated . . . for apparently no good reason at all. — Patriot Talon adviser Vanessa Curry at the University of Texas at Tyler told the Student Press Law Center she was let go due to “complaints.”  She said […]

College Problems: ‘Everyone’s Got Them. Tell Me Yours’

The only thing lower than your GPA is your bank account balance. Mistaking Nyquil for Dayquil.  Paper-thin dorm walls.  So much homework that you don’t know where to start.  Laptop dies [so] forced to pay attention during class. Open a bag of chips in the quiet part of the library [and] receive death stares.  Two […]

Guest Post: Jackie Spinner Reflects on Efforts to Launch Independent Student Newspaper in Oman

Former Washington Post staff writer Jackie Spinner has become a force within student journalism circles in the Middle East.  Over the past two years, she has helped launch pioneering independent student newspapers in both Iraq and Oman. — Her most recent efforts in the Oman capital city of Muscat centered on Al Mir’ah. The student news […]

USA Today Campus Beat: Rise of the ‘Speedy Senior’

I am excited to introduce the first entry of a new column I will be writing for USA Today College.  Campus Beat aims to spotlight different facets of the university scene via its most significant primary source– the student press.  The post below outlines a possible new enrollment trend, linking to stories in The Eagle […]

NextGen Journal Gives College Students’ Spin on Global Events

Connor Toohill is attempting to break the college bubble. — Last fall, with the help of friends, Toohill launched NextGen Journal, a student-run news and commentary site, writ large. Its roughly 90 contributors are currently enrolled at colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. — In terms of sheer geography, Toohill has arguably filled college media’s biggest niche. At […]

Daily Lobo Editor at University of New Mexico Apologizes for Cartoon Depicting President Obama as a Monkey

The editor of The Daily Lobo at the University of New Mexico has apologized for the recent publication of an editorial cartoon of President Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden criticized by some as racially insensitive. — Local television news in Albuquerque, UNM’s hometown, reported African American students were fed-up and furious about the cartoon, which […]

Crimson White Continues Coverage of Tuscaloosa’s Tornado Recovery Efforts

The Crimson White, the University of Alabama’s daily student newspaper, is continuing its coverage of the clean-up in UA’s hometown after late April’s deadly tornado.  The paper is providing hyperlocal updates on physical and emotional recovery efforts in various Tuscaloosa neighborhoods.  It is reporting on the debate over credentialing volunteers to work in the recovery […]

Interview with ‘Documenting Disaster’ Student Filmmakers at Christopher Newport University

As I confirmed in my previous post, “Documenting Disaster” is a must-see film for student journalists and their supporters.  The documentary gives us a glimpse into the newsroom of The Collegiate Times, the student newspaper at Virginia Tech, in the immediate aftermath of the April 2007 shootings. — — “Disaster” is the triumphant work of […]