Journoterrorist: 6 ‘Greedy Reasons’ to be a College Newspaper Editor

“Being the editor has always been a bitch– a full-time job for part-time pay, the staff challenging your authority at every turn, and readers blaming you for any mistake they find in the paper. And you still have to go to class.”

In a new post, the self-proclaimed Journoterrorist does not mince words about a college newspaper editorship’s difficulties– at one point it’s compared only slightly tongue-in-cheek to surviving cancer.  But JT also lays out a half dozen perks, personal ones, away from the general idealistic benefits of informing others and spreading truth.

For the complete post, click here.  Among the highlights:

1. It’s one hell of a resume line.

“[I]t’s a title that instantly separates you from the thousands of other j-school grads who flood the job market every December and June….”

2. You win even if you suck.

“Unless you burned the newsroom to the ground or got yourself sued in a high-profile libel case, only the hiring editors at the media outlet within spitting distance of your campus will be even vaguely aware of the actual job you did.  And even then, they won’t give a crap….”

3. You’ll ace every job interview for the rest of your life.

4. You’ll embrace the dark side.

“Most hiring editors I know– and I was one myself– feel a little more comfortable around a young journalist who’s sat in the big chair. We figure you’ve confronted, at least for a semester, some of the same problems and crappy attitudes we do every day….”

5. You’ll learn some serious sh*t no professor can teach you.

“Being editor of your student newspaper is the first time you’ll ever be in charge of something substantial without an adult wielding veto power. . . . [Y]ou oversee a . . . budget. You hire the staff. And if any adults try to f*ck with your freedom of the press, you call other adults who defend you.”

6. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you…

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  1. Victoria says:

    This is so funny…yet true.

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