Alabama Crimson White vs. Auburn Plainsman: The Rivals’ ‘Typo Skirmish’

There is a typo battle brewing in Alabama between student newspapers at the state’s two most prominent schools.  In a post last week, I featured a rare front page typo in The Crimson White, the top-notch student newspaper at the University of Alabama.

It prompted a response from Mark Mayfield, the editorial adviser to student publications at the school.  His message included a photo of a fairly cringe-tastic typo in a late March issue of The Auburn Plainsman, the award-winning campus newspaper at Auburn University.

Below is the Plainsman slip.  Beneath that is the Crimson White ‘Tuscaloosa’ gaffe.  In your opinion, which is worse?

A portion of Mayfield’s email:

I see you published an Auburn University professor’s photo of that ‘Tuscaloosa’ typo in The Crimson White. Ed Williams, the [Auburn University] professor, is on my Facebook friends list. That’s the same photo he took, and posted on Facebook, when he was here to accept a UA award.

Since Ed was so kind as to start this skirmish between Alabama and Auburn newspapers, perhaps you’ll be interested in the attached photo . . . of the cover of a March 31 special section in The Auburn Plainsman. Seems they invented a new season.

The Crimson White, by the way, just won SPJ’s Mark of Excellence Award as the best college daily in the region. Unlike The Auburn Plainsman, which is a weekly, the CW publishes four times a week.  In other words, Auburn has a lot more time on their hands to check for typos.  But obviously a week isn’t quite enough.


Mark Mayfield

3 Responses to “Alabama Crimson White vs. Auburn Plainsman: The Rivals’ ‘Typo Skirmish’”
  1. Karla says:

    That’s fucking hilarious.

    And sad. They have nothing better to do? They never thought to defend the importance of a *learning* newspaper’s ability to fuck up — and then shut up and move on?


  2. Chapelhillbilly says:

    So, while Ed Williams was on campus being honored by UA, he took a picture of the front-page typo in The CW. Then it was posted all over facebook with the line “”Keep it classy Bammers. At least Auburn students can spell the name of their town correctly. WDE!”

    As I said in response to one posting, what kind of journalist makes fun of mistakes by student journalists? That’s asking for some bad karma, not to mention just tacky.

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