NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Newspaper Review: Butler Collegian vs. UCONN Daily Campus

The sloppy slugfest Monday night in the NCAA men’s basketball championship game confirmed the Huskies’ superiority.  One question remains: How did the student newspapers at Butler and UCONN cover the April madness?

Along with a basic recap, a live blog, and a “Moment by Moment” photo gallery focused on the game itself, The Butler Collegian featured stories and video on a number of interesting side-angles, including the “secret weapon” glasses of coach Brad Stevens, Butler’s win in the academic-inspired National Higher Education Bracket, and the excitement of the Bulldog faithful watching the final game from the university’s fieldhouse.  The funniest feature: a brief video report on the pampering of the university’s live mascot, Blue II.

Meanwhile, in Calhoun country, The Daily Campus featured the expected trio: the game summary, return-to-campus-triumphant story, and congratulatory staff editorial.  Among the add-ons: a column by the associate sports editor bemoaning the school’s lack of support for students interested in attending the Final Four.

As the piece noted, “The empty chairs that dominated the 884-seat UConn student section were sad.  So sad, in fact, that Reliant Stadium personnel told me that for the national championship game, Rice and University of Houston student-athletes were given tickets in the section to make it look full and respectable for television. A sign in the Butler section read that the school in Indianapolis was one-fifth the size, but had five times the heart. . . . Unfortunately for UConn students, however, the other three schools’ administrations helped them get down to Houston. There was no real travel package for UConn students. Aside from the $25 ticket, no buses or reduced airfare were provided. Hence, the empty seats. . .”

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