April Fools!: Washington Post Live Chat About ‘College Humor’ with SPLC’s Frank LoMonte

Early this morning, in honor of April Fools’ Day, The Minaret became The Minarat.  The student newspaper I am proud to advise at the University of Tampa joined a tradition as old as the campus press itself and as noble as a swift, unannounced kick to the groin: publishing a joke issue.

In our case, it was a four-page special issue wrapped around the week’s ‘real’ paper. My two favorite features: a breaking news report about the cancellation of a major university concert due to sunny weather (playing off an embarrassing incident last spring in which the school’s big concert was called off due to rain); and a teaser about the DUI arrest of Lucky, our school’s anti-drinking/drugs mascot.

From what I am hearing, a separate backpage story about the emergence of boxing as a new intramural sport has already prompted dozens of calls to the campus recreation center from UT students who did not get the joke and wanted to sign up. Ah, satire. :)

Yesterday, Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson oversaw a live web chat with Student Press Law Center Executive Director Frank LoMonte about the art and potential implications of student press spoofing.  In part, the chat was motivated by the questions: “Can college students be funny?  Are they mature enough to write true satire?

Below are screenshots of the four most interesting Q&As:

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