University of Alabama’s Crimson White Providing Comprehensive Coverage of Tornado’s Aftermath

 — Update: Portion of a Friday morning message to college media advisers from Paul Wright in the UA Office of Student Media… “The Crimson White staff continues to do a great job of reporting from a house in Northport (across the river from Tuscaloosa). At last count, 12 of the CW staff were working to […]

Kent State Student Magazine Deemed Too Sexual, Vulgar for Publication by 3 Ohio Printers

A trio of Ohio printing companies recently “refused to publish“ the latest issue of a student LGBTQ magazine at Kent State University due to content they deemed overly sexual and vulgar. — Fusion, sporting the tagline (and the web address) “That Gay Magazine,” focuses on “sexual minority issues within the general university population.”  According to […]

College Radio to Observe Moment of Silence to Raise Awareness of Station Sales

College Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI) is calling for a moment of silence on college radio stations at exactly 11 a.m. EST this Thursday.  According to CBI, the aim of the synchronized dead air scheme is to “bring awareness of the deep impact that the sale of student radio stations is having on campuses and their surrounding communities.” — […]

Modesto Junior College Drops Student Newspaper, Entire Mass Comm. Program

Citing concerns about the school’s budget and legacy media’s relevance in the modern world, the president of California’s Modesto Junior College recently ordered the closing of the MJC mass communications program, including courses in “journalism, radio, television, film, and the instructors who teach these courses.” — Also among the casualties: The Pirates’ Log, MJC’s roughly […]

Journoterrorist: 6 ‘Greedy Reasons’ to be a College Newspaper Editor

“Being the editor has always been a bitch– a full-time job for part-time pay, the staff challenging your authority at every turn, and readers blaming you for any mistake they find in the paper. And you still have to go to class.”

Sex and the University: Is Your Student Newspaper, Magazine Mentioned?

In a new review, the book is praised for employing “old-fashioned reporting as well as scholarly research to shed light on [the] decades-old trend” of sex in student journalism.

Alabama Crimson White vs. Auburn Plainsman: The Rivals’ ‘Typo Skirmish’

There is a typo battle brewing in Alabama between student newspapers at the state’s two most prominent schools.  In a post last week, I featured a rare front page typo in The Crimson White, the top-notch student newspaper at the University of Alabama. — It prompted a response from Mark Mayfield, the editorial adviser to […]

My Take: La Salle University’s Student Newspaper Censorship Against School’s Stated Mission

As outlined in my previous post, La Salle University, a private Roman Catholic school in Philadelphia, is currently in the spotlight for attempting to stonewall its student newspaper from publishing an embarrassing story. Editors at The La Salle University Collegian fought the university’s censorious activity, in part through a creative protest published on the current issue’s front […]

La Salle University Collegian Fights Stripper Story Censorship with Front Page Protest: ‘See Below the Fold’

The La Salle University Collegian censorship story, in 30 seconds: A La Salle University professor hires exotic dancers to participate in an extra-credit seminar for students. The Collegian gets the scoop, plans to publish a report. University administrators say no, ordering a story embargo until an investigation of the incident is complete. As expected, the news […]

University of Colorado Journalism School to Close After Regents’ Vote

In a 5-4 decision, the Board of Regents at the University of Colorado-Boulder voted yesterday to close CU’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication.  The vote officially ends a long discontinuance process that has been viewed by some as an isolated issue affecting a single school and by others as a harbinger of dark days ahead […]

Union Weekly’s Funding Threatened at Cal State Long Beach After Pow Wow Article

A pair of student groups at California State University, Long Beach, are pressuring the student senate to stop funding The Union Weekly.  The de-funding demand comes roughly a month after the alternative campus newspaper published a critique of an American Indian campus event that was “construed by many as an assault” on Native American culture.  The student […]

Four Worst Campus Newspaper Typos in 2010-2011

The Crimson White, the student newspaper at the University of Alabama, is red-faced after misspelling the name of UA’s hometown in a recent front-page headline.  The bolded header in the lead story inverts the L and the A in the historic Southern city Tuscaloosa, creating the even more wackily-named Tusclaoosa. — — The tsk-tsk top-of-the-fold […]

Student Newspaper Archives Should Go Digital, Says Drake University Librarian

Yellowed newspaper stacks are passe.  Microfilm is so 20th century.  The key to ensuring old college newspapers remain relevant in the age of Google: Go digital.  At a recent conference, Drake University digital-projects librarian Bart Schmidt said “unindexed and totally underused” campus newspaper archives need a digital (r)evolution. — As someone who has spent way too much […]

Northern Star: Campus Vending Machines Net Northern Illinois a Half Million Dollars Annually

Pepsi.  Coke.  Candy.  Chips.  The sweets and soda dispensed daily from campus vending machines must add up to a formidable annual sum at schools nationwide. — Where there’s money, there’s news.  Potential questions for a related report: How much do the machines on your campus actually take in each year?  What agreement is in place […]

Washington Post Magazine: ‘College Newspapers Thriving’

Amid the “seismic shifts” upending modern journalism, the college newspaper, remarkably, is holding steady— remaining well-read, well-staffed, in print, and, for the most part, in the black financially. — According to a new Washington Post Magazine feature, the “tech-savvy breed” of student journalists currently working for campus papers nationwide bear striking similarities to the “preternaturally hardworking, […]