North Florida Spinnaker ‘Sex Cover’ Controversy: Update on Funding Freeze

The Spinnaker at the University of North Florida continues to be ensnarled in controversy.  Amid a brouhaha about a recent “racy” cover image, the student newspaper is also facing a temporary funding freeze approved by a portion of the UNF student senate. — The sudden action– ostensibly a response to a recent slight publication delay […]

College Media Podcast: North Florida Spinnaker Editor Josh Gore Discusses Racy Cover Controversy

The sexual explicitness of The Spinnaker’s current cover image is causing controversy at the University of North Florida. The provocative depiction of student sexual activity aims to hype a story on the link between throat cancer and HPV to oral sex.

NextGen Journal: Student News, Voices Outside the College Bubble

With the help of friends, Connor Toohill launched NextGen Journal, a student-run news and commentary site, writ large. Contributors are currently enrolled at colleges and universities across the country and into Canada. NextGen’s standout niche is its international scope. It covers matters of interest and importance to students outside the bubble of their own colleges– “from dorm life to Darfur, and from climate change to Kid Cudi.”

Illegal Immigration Column Causes Controversy at Florida’s Rollins College

A student newspaper op-ed arguing citizenship status should not be granted to children of illegal immigrants “has spurred an outcry from some students and faculty” at Florida’s Rollins College. At the start of the op-ed, published late last week in The Sandspur, freshman student writer Jamie Pizzi compares illegal aliens to home intruders.

Student Newspaper Calls Out College for ‘Stonewalling’ About Arizona Shooter, Other Issues

A student newspaper at an Arizona community college is criticizing administrators for keeping “a tight noose around release of information,” including remaining silent about the school’s connection to infamous shooter Jared Lee Loughner. — In a recent editorial, The Aztec Press described a “misguided and counterproductive” culture of secrecy at Tucson’s Pima Community College.  In […]

Student Newspaper Apologizes for ‘Racist’ Article About American Indian Event

A student newspaper at California State University, Long Beach, is apologizing for running a negative commentary on a recent American Indian campus event that was “construed by many as an assault” on Native American culture. In the article, headlined “Pow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippy Yay,” the campus editor of The Union Weekly espoused an unflattering view toward a campus Pow Wow. He equated the annual cultural event staged by the school’s American Indian Studies program and American Indian Student Council with a “large, Native American themed flea market.”

Student Government Orders Audit of Campus Newspaper

The student government of Canada’s Queen’s University has ordered a review of all content published over the past year in The Queen’s Journal, the campus newspaper. According to editors, the audit is “a direct threat to the editorial autonomy” of the paper. In a motion approved by an overwhelming margin earlier this month, the university’s student-run Alma Mater Society (AMS) specifically “directs the Media Services Director to conduct an analysis of the content of the Queen’s Journal during the current academic year and to subsequently report on the percentage of content that directly addresses student activities and events.”

Student Newspaper Sex Issue Disappears Across Campus

Hundreds of copies of a student newspaper’s sex issue quickly went missing last month from newsstands across campus. Editors suspect their disappearance was due to an organized theft carried out in response to racier-than-usual material. As the Student Press Law Center reports, The Ottawa Campus is the biweekly student paper at Ottawa University in Kansas, a conservative private school boasting a “Christ-centered community of grace which integrates faith, learning and life.

Young Journalist: ‘If I Was at a College Newspaper Today, I’d Quit’

She calls college media antiquated, curmudgeonly and doomed.

UCLA Student’s ‘Anti-Asian Rant’ After Tsunami Goes Viral

A student’s odd, impassioned “anti-Asian rant” filmed and uploaded onto YouTube in the wake of the Japan earthquake and tsunami has gone viral and caused huge headaches for the University of California, Los Angeles.

In New York: CMA-CBI Spring College Media Convention

This weekend’s CMA-CBI Spring College Media Convention has a six-word command for its participants: “Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something.”  I am in Manhattan at this moment, set to join more than 1,200 student journalists, advisers, and educators, for a spirited round of sessions that will feature everything from chicken salad to “real, live Muppets.” — […]

Student Newspaper Editor Resigns Over ‘Sexual Hoax’

The editor in chief of a top campus newspaper in Britain has resigned after attempting to plant a story within a rival student publication involving sexual favors and dirty grading practices.

Student Government Steals Campus Newspapers, Accuses Editor of Libel at SUNY Brockport

A full-blown free press war is being waged at the State University of New York in Brockport between the school’s campus newspaper and student government. — Early last month, the treasurer of the Brockport Student Government (BSG) took stacks of The Stylus that had yet to be distributed on campus in an attempt “to demonstrate […]

James Franco, Yale Daily News Fight: Final Thoughts

James Franco recently cussed out The Yale Daily News online in response to a student columnist’s tongue-in-cheek critique of his tweets. In almost three years of maintaining this blog, the previous sentence may be the strangest one I have ever written.

Student Writer, Editor Fired from Campus Newspaper for Column on Sex, ‘Sick Society’

Early last week, The Daily Collegian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst apologized for publishing a controversial column “that implied some rape victims bear responsibility for being assaulted.”  The newspaper has also fired the student columnist and the editor “with final say over night editorial content.” — The column in general denounces what the female writer […]