Student Journalist’s Resume Goes Viral, Changes the World

Spurlock.  Just Spurlock.  The convergence journalism major at the University of Missouri no longer needs to use his first name.  In the past 24 hours, he has become the Bono or Bieber of the journalism blogosphere and Twitterverse.

Spurlock’s sudden fame is partly his own making.  In preparation for his upcoming graduation, he has created a résumé with some serious infographics game.  But the real engine behind his rocket-trip to j-student stardom: J-School Buzz, the hip and happening blog focused with hyperlocal intensity on the Mizzou journalism school.

On Friday, the Buzz posted a screenshot of Spurlock’s work on its own site and The Huffington Post with the header, “Is This the Coolest Student Journalist Resume Ever?” The post quickly went viral with a virility that would make Antoine Dodson and that David After Dentist kid blush.

Spurlock’s name is EVERYWHERE online.  As one Mizzou j-student tweeted, “I knew @ChrisSpurlock before he was famous.”  (She did not get the memo: He’s dropped the Chris.)

Now beyond the debate about actual quality (my vote is for innovative while a bit colorful/cluttered), what’s most fascinating is how enthralled the student and professional journalism populace has become with Spurlock’s CV concoction.

Is it a reflection of the sad reality that, by comparison, most j-student résumés continue to look like tax forms with typos? (One HuffPost commenter: “People are so easily impressed with visuals.”)

Is it a trumpeting of the next stage in j-students’ self-promotion in which not just their work but their SUMMARY of their work must be highlighted online in a manner that screams Journalism 3.0?  (He’s already been featured in a follow-up post in which he offers five Spurlockian snippets of wisdom about all-things-résumé-building/branding.)

Is it actually a top-secret communique about journalism or humanity released WikiLeaks style?  (Numerous commenters have used the term “decipher” to describe how they are taking it in.  A Florida comm. student who saw it told me she thinks a hidden message is embedded in its timeline-and-bubbly code, “like something out of Magic Eye.”)

Or was it simply a slow Friday in the student journalism sphere?

6 Responses to “Student Journalist’s Resume Goes Viral, Changes the World”
  1. Tyler says:

    Cool but cluttered. Pretty slow news day.

    • Karla says:

      I agree.

      It *looks* cool as hell, but it hurts my head to try to “read” it. It’s all aesthetics and no function. I don’t get it.

  2. Chris says:

    While I’m not a journalist the topic of “getting the word out” using new media particularly Mobile technology came up in a meeting yesterday with a newspaper publisher. If a blog post created a viral sensation for a journalism students’ resume imagine the impact if a similar campaign was facilitated using mobile messaging that links back to a mobile optimized website. Given the shift we see from Google searches on pc to more and more searches on smartphones, and the fact that more people access the social networks from mobile, the need to create a mobile strategy has become paramount. See

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