Salary Database Most Popular Part of Daily Illini Site

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign head football coach Ron Zook is raking in $1.06 million this year.  University president Michael Hogan is earning a little more than half of that.  And the highest-paid employee at UIUC not in athletics, medicine or the highest reaches of the administration: Michael Moore, a law professor whose base pay is […]

Student Journalist’s Resume Goes Viral, Changes the World

On Friday, J-School Buzz posted a screenshot of Spurlock’s work on its own site and The Huffington Post with the header, “Is This the Coolest Student Journalist Resume Ever?” The post quickly went viral with a virility that would make Antoine Dodson and that David After Dentist kid blush.

College Media Random Tweets: ‘Being a Student Journalist is Tough’

Oregon Daily Emerald: ‘University Shouldn’t Keep Students in the Dark’

Editors at The Oregon Daily Emerald are concerned about an expanding set of “unnecessary brick walls” being put in place by University of Oregon administrators.  According to the newspaper, these walls are blocking student reporting on “new propositions and changes” impacting the school. — In a staff editorial published earlier this week, headlined “University Shouldn’t Keep […]

Student Newspaper Theft: Thousands of Towerlight Copies Suspected Stolen

A sizable chunk of a recent issue of The Towerlight at Towson University has been reported stolen.  According to a Student Press Law Center report, Towerlight editors estimate up to 3,000 copies of the newspaper’s 10,000-copy run for a mid-February issue were taken from multiple campus racks, most prominently in the university’s student center. — As Towerlight […]

Campus Newspaper Accused of Attacking Student Leader

On page two of its current issue, The Koala, a student newspaper at the University of California, San Diego, calls a female student government representative a “fat wh-re” in a bolded headline. — The related article similarly condemns her as a “thick-necked uppity skank” and a “homely unf—able bovine.” Nearby, the layout features a photo […]

UPIU a ‘Mini-Internship’ of International Proportions

Suleiman Abdullahi was recently an eyewitness to the birth of the world’s newest nation. — In early January, the 20-year-old Kenyan journalism student flew to Juba, Sudan, to cover the massive referendum responsible for the creation and upcoming independence of South Sudan. As Abdullahi wrote, he arrived in the prospective nation’s capital city with a travel […]

College Media Story Ideas: Crazy Campus Traditions

Dragon Day.  Orgo Night.  Primal Scream.  Pumpkin Drop. Toast Toss.  Polar Bear Swim.  Hello Walk.  Naked Quad Run. — At many colleges and universities, crazy traditions are as much a part of campus life as fall football Saturdays and final exams.  (My favorite: the Healy Howl, a Halloween rite of passage for Georgetown University students […]

‘You Know You’re a Student Journalist When…’

How do you know when you’ve truly become a student journalist? In a blog post last week, former CU Independent editor in chief Kate Spencer laid out more than a dozen telltale j-student signs, some serious and others tongue in cheek. According to Spencer, a j-student at the University of Colorado Boulder who continues to […]

Twitter Interview Requests: Top 10 Rules to Follow

In my previous post, I touched on a Twitter trend sweeping the nation: the tweeted interview request. Brief, public, and sometimes grammatically challenged, these messages are seemingly catching on among evermore student journalists who are searching for a lot of sources in a short amount of time with little-to-no legwork.

Twitter Interview Requests: #Innovative or #Epicfail?

Over the past year, I’ve noticed an emerging student press trend on Twitter.  It doesn’t yet have its own hashtag, but if it did it might read something like #helpoutajstudentyo. — An increasing number of student journalists appear to be employing Twitter as the prime spot to seek sources for their story (or class) assignments […]

College Media Story Idea: The Urban Dictionary Debate

How is your school defined, online? Urban Dictionary, the web’s self-proclaimed “cornucopia of streetwise lingo,” sports a growing number of definitions for colleges and universities. — Yes, they are anonymous.  And yes, some are just incoherent or cliche.  But many are ripe for commentary, a quick reaction story or a larger feature report. — The nastiest ones, […]

Check Out My Washington Post Web Chat at 1 p.m. Today

I’m honored to be participating in a Washington Post web chat at 1 p.m. EST today (Thursday).  The planned focus of the (almost) real-time Q&A: student sex, student love, and hopefully a smidgeon of student journalism. — In part, I’ll be discussing what I found during research for my book Sex and the University, including […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Alexandra Churchill, University of New Hampshire

Alexandra Churchill loves ballet, summertime camping trips, espresso shots, James Dean, and the smell of old books.  The junior j-student at the University of New Hampshire has been in the book publishing business for almost her entire two-decade existence. — “I heard once that Stephen King used to sell his fiction stories to classmates in […]

‘Sac State Crime’ Ad: Hornet Faculty Adviser Responds

Within collegemediatopia, what is the proper code of ethics for evaluating advertisements prior to publication? The question was at the heart of Sunday’s post, focused on an ad run recently in The State Hornet at California State University, Sacramento, that has received press attention for possibly being misleading and fearmongering about the serious issue of campus crime. […]