Student Journalist Portfolios: How to Build, Sell Your Brand

It has become the rarest of rarities: a student journalist portfolio site potential employers actually enjoy looking at and clicking through.

Every student who wants to work in media should put together an online portfolio of some sort.  But simply having one is not enough.  And most of the ones I’m sent or come across organically are, well, self-centered crapola.

In a wonderful recent post for TECH@CUNYJ, Rosaleen Ortiz outlines some basic tips for creating a “top-notch journalist portfolio website” (hat tip to the man/the myth/the digital media managerial legend Daniel Bachhuber).

Among the questions Ortiz suggests that portfolio makers should ask themselves in the beta planning stage: “What are you selling? In other words, what is your specialty?  Who is your audience and what do you want them to know about you? What type of media do you want to include (e.g., articles, photos, audio, videos, graphics, multimedia packages, social media feeds, etc.)?  Very important: How much time can you devote to updating the site?

She includes a smattering of quality portfolio examples in her post.  Building on that list, below is a sampling of portfolios put together by student journalist extraordinaires and recent alums that are worth checking out and emulating in spirit.  In general, they represent what a j-portfolio should be: visually compelling, conceptually creative without being out there, easy to navigate, and a salesman of previous work and future vision.

Additional reading: Alisha Green’s “How (Not) to Build Your Brand”

Joe Castelli

Brian Manzullo

Alex Vera

Abbey Niezgoda

Alisha Green

Nick Trost

Greg Linch

Sean Blanda

Emily Jane Lawler

Emily Ingram

Giana Magnoli

Sam Kang Li

9 Responses to “Student Journalist Portfolios: How to Build, Sell Your Brand”
  1. wishvast says:

    “The man/the myth/the digital media managerial legend Daniel Bachhuber)”… such an accurate description of Dan.

  2. Alisha Green says:

    Thank you for the mention! It’s great to be included in this list of engaging student portfolios. I will definitely be browsing through my colleague’s sites to learn some new tricks.

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