Student Newspaper Headline Speaks of Football, Hints at Sex

Is it hilarious or cringe-inducing, creative or beyond cliché, journalistic or just-plain vulgar? The current front page of The FS View & Florida Flambeau, Florida State University’s student newspaper, has caught the attention of the Twitterverse masses with its, ahem, less-than-subtle wordplay.

Specifically, the focus of tweeters’ awe/ire/shock/applause: “‘Cocks Blocked,” the two-word bolded headline dominating the center of the page.  On a literal level, the hed refers to the FSU football team’s victory over the South Carolina Gamecocks. The wink-wink factor: the term also refers to an interference preventing someone from engaging in sexual activity.  (Yes, it apparently even has a Wikipedia entry.)

Would you run this headline? A few tweeted reactions in the happy and shock categories are below.

4 Responses to “Student Newspaper Headline Speaks of Football, Hints at Sex”
  1. mba abroad says:

    Unfortunately, such shocking headlines bring a lot of money to the journalists. It gets attention so more will read it. Surely, newspapers are getting more and more vulgar.

  2. laughing_journalist says:

    In the world of college media, we are aware that we are writing for a mostly college-age crowd. Most students are aware of the term “cock block” and would not only understand but probably find humorous the wordplay involved. It’s not meant to shock; it’s a play on a phrase that this newspaper’s audience uses often.

    In addition, the reference to Cocks here isn’t vulgar – it’s shortened from Gamecocks. I mean, the real problem here is the fact that South Carolina has a team name that’s so easy to make fun of.

  3. Bryan Murley says:

    As a Ph.D. student at the east coast USC, they proudly display the ‘cock name on shirts, shorts, hats and other items, so the FSView/Flambeau headline isn’t unique in that regard.

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