Penn State Student Copy Editor: “We Have a Right to Be Bitchy”

Allison Jackovitz wants to clarify something about student copy editors. — While seated recently at a newsroom workstation– sporting a winter cap, sweater, and scarf– the copy desk chief for The Daily Collegian at Penn State University teetered wonderfully between sarcasm and self-righteousness.  “I think copy desk is a lot of times seen as maybe the […]

Judge Rules in Favor of Daily Californian Editor in Lawsuit

The student press has earned a big victory in California’s small claims court.  Earlier this week, a judge ruled in favor of Daily Californian editor in chief Rajesh Srinivasan in the lawsuit brought against him by the father of former UC Berkeley football player Chris Purtz. — As I previously wrote, Fresno podiatrist Harvey Purtz recently […]

Student Journalist Portfolios: How to Build, Sell Your Brand

It has become the rarest of rarities: a student journalist portfolio site potential employers actually enjoy looking at and clicking through. — Every student who wants to work in media should put together an online portfolio of some sort.  But simply having one is not enough.  And most of the ones I’m sent or come […]

UPIU Student Reporters Cover Historic Election in Sudan

“Seeing tens of thousands of people line up under the scorching sun with such zeal is a scene that is hard to describe. When it’s all done and the seemingly inevitable decision of secession is made, we’ll be able to say that we were there when they became a nation.” — Those are the words […]

College Media Random Tweets: “A Narcotic Mess of a Journalism Student”

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Student Press Stories: ‘It’s Raining in the Newsroom’

9:30 p.m., Tuesday, January 18, 2010 Newsroom, The Minaret, University of Tampa — I walked up the stairs to the second floor of the student center and ran into Minaret copy editor Robin Hudson. She was sitting in the lobby, line editing on her laptop. She looked up at me, frowning, “I’m working out here […]

The Daily Cal Lawsuit Saga: An Open Letter to Harvey Purtz

As I reported in my previous post, Fresno, Calif., podiatrist Harvey Purtz is suing Daily Californian editor in chief Rajesh Srinivasan.  Purtz is angry that Srinivasan declined to remove or alter online stories about the involvement of Purtz’s son– a former UC Berkeley student– in an embarrassing incident at an adult club.  Every student press advocate, journalist, […]

Daily Californian Editor in Chief Sued by Father of Deceased Former UC Berkeley Football Player

Rajesh Srinivasan is being forced to skip his classes tomorrow at the University of California, Berkeley, to attend a court hearing 200 miles away. — The Daily Californian editor in chief will appear in Fresno County small claims court to fight a lawsuit brought against him by the father of a former UC Berkeley football […]

Arizona Daily Wildcat Editors Discuss Paper’s Coverage of Shooting, Aftermath

Top editors at The Arizona Daily Wildcat were preparing for a staff meeting last Saturday when reports first began streaming in about a shooting at a Safeway not far from the University of Arizona campus. — The meeting never happened. Instead, the reporting began, and has continued nonstop. Over the past week, the Wildcat presented […]

Student Newspaper’s Sexual Assault Sidebar Slip “a Doozy”

A sidebar run with a recent front-page story package on sexual assault in The Iowa State Daily mistakenly stated that as long as they give their consent it is OK to have sex with individuals who are unconscious, asleep, mentally or physically handicapped, drugged out, crazy drunk or under 16.  Yikes. — The sidebar listing those […]

My Prediction: A Great Student Press WordPress Migration

As I first wrote last week, College Media Network has announced it will soon begin charging many student press outlets using its College Publisher online content management system. The decision is a game-changer for the company, which previously provided its popular CMS free for all, in exchange for online ad revenue sharing. — Some early comments […]

Facebook, Carrie Bradshaw & the Student Sex Column Boom

Late last week, I appeared as a featured guest on “RadioActive!”, a public affairs program on Salt Lake City’s KRCL.  The topic of discussion: students and sex, sex, sex, with some student press controversy thrown in. — Thanks to the power of a paid Skype account, I chatted from Singapore (where I’m leading some j-workshops […]

Student Paper Paywall Experiment: Initial Online Reactions

Over the past week, web chatter has intensified surrounding the decision by The Daily O’Collegian at Oklahoma State University to begin charging select readers a minimal fee to access its online content. As I mentioned in my related post, the paper is the first known college news media outlet to attempt an online pay scheme […]

In 2011, Student Press Must Answer the $2,000 Question

For many student press outlets, 2011 will be the year of the $2,000 question. — In a surprise announcement late last month, College Media Network confirmed that it plans to begin charging student press outlets using its College Publisher online content management system. — The base price for pubs using the current CP5 CMS: $1,995 […]

Student Newspaper Headline Speaks of Football, Hints at Sex

Is it hilarious or cringe-inducing, creative or beyond cliché, journalistic or just-plain vulgar? The current front page of The FS View & Florida Flambeau, Florida State University’s student newspaper, has caught the attention of the Twitterverse masses with its, ahem, less-than-subtle wordplay. — Specifically, the focus of tweeters’ awe/ire/shock/applause: “‘Cocks Blocked,” the two-word bolded headline […]