New Q Magazine at Yale Celebrates Queer Experience

Q is coming out!” This exclamatory greeting kicks off the press release announcing college media’s latest creation: Q, a lifestyle magazine produced by students at Yale University.

It premiered at Yale earlier this month, in the wake of a marketing blitz that included the distribution of 1,000 condoms on campus.  According to its publisher Alice Song and editor Jake Conway, both Yale seniors, “Its mission is to serve as a lifestyle guide to students on campus through the celebration of the queer experience. . . . It exalts, but does not sensationalize, sex. Q pushes notions of journalistic propriety, but is very relatable to college students. Sex makes us human. We want to convey that in our pages.”

Q follows in the pioneering footsteps of a number of modern student sex and lifestyle magazines, including X at Washington University in St. Louis, Vita Excolatur at the University of Chicago, and Squirm at Vassar College. (Self-promotion alert: The stories of these magazines and others are told for the first time in my book!).

Q‘s contribution to this emerging student press sub-genre: It is solely LGBTQ-oriented.  The magazine’s inaugural edition features an array of content and art– from a personal essay on Yale’s “cruising” culture to a historical report “discussing bed sharing between Yale men in the nineteenth century.”

Even the wonderfully snarky blog IvyGate calls Q “surprisingly tactful and awesome.” As a related post notes, “[W]e have to admit, it’s pretty f*cking great. The issue contains testimonies from ten gay, lesbian, and transgender Yale students, including one by former West Point cadet Katie Miller, who came out on the Rachel Maddow show in front of a national audience.  Sure, the mag has plenty of juicy details, but it’s also got its share of insights. . . . Also of note in the issue: a picture of Dr. Strangelove holding a giant pink dildo. Very apropos.”

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