2011 CMA-CBI Convention: “Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something.”

In mid-March, more than 1,200 student journalists and their advisers will gather at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan’s Times Square for a convention with the savviest slogan this side of “Got milk?” and “Where’s the beef?”

The 2011 CMA-CBI Spring College Media Convention has a six-word command for its participants: “Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something.” Organized by its director Michael Koretzky and assistant director Michele Boyet, CMA in NYC ’11 will sport everything from chicken salad to “real, live Muppets.”


Koretzky and Boyet organized the convention in part via a Post-It wall.

Among the planned highlights: a legal advice consultation booth manned by SPLC executive director Frank LoMonte; a “Weird Careers in Media” session; on-site publication critiques;  the Apple Awards for top-notch student press work in a variety of categories; and me!  (I’ll be taking part in a few sessions, including leading a talk on successfully launching a student newspaper sex column.)

The convention website already sports a full schedule breakdown by day and track (advertising, ethics, newspaper, magazine, etc.), info on the Marquis, and a list of pre-convention workshops.


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