Oregon Daily Emerald to Publish Commemorative Book on Football Season

The Oregon Daily Emerald is entering the book publishing business.  Staffers at University of Oregon’s top-notch student newspaper are currently writing, editing, and laying out a commemorative book on UO’s magical football season.  The title: “Duck Season: Oregon’s Improbable Flight to the National Title Game.”

According to ODE EIC Nora Simon, the book will be out two weeks after the BCS battle royale with Auburn.  It will include feature stories, full recaps of each game in separate chapters, a foreword by the university president, and photos taken by staff and submitted by the UO faithful.  Simon: “It will be the first student newspaper-produced hard-bound commemorative book.”

Emerald publisher Mike Thoele: “Through the serendipity of this magical football year, we have students dealing with a publishing firm of national stature, meeting pressure-cooker deadlines and putting a finished book on store shelves within days of the championship game. . . . Readers are going to be treated to the viewpoint of student journalists covering their contemporaries.  No other set of writers and photographers is so uniquely positioned to depict the campus impact of a historic season.”

2 Responses to “Oregon Daily Emerald to Publish Commemorative Book on Football Season”
  1. Bryan Murley says:

    I am always leery of “first” designations, so I wonder if this is a true claim? Is this the first hard-cover book? It’s certainly not the first commemorative effort by a college newspaper (Daily Tar Heel does it pretty regularly for basketball championships).

    Nothing against the DE, but just curious about the language there.

  2. Dan says:

    Yup, agreed. I’m almost positive I once read a book the Daily Collegian put together after one of PSU’s football title runs. This certainly seems to be an impassioned effort though!