Viral Video: “So You Want to Be a Journalist?”

A slice of the j-geek crowd on Twitter has been buzzing about a funny new video making the rounds.  It is titled simply, “So You Want to Be a Journalist?”

The roughly two-and-a-half-minute vid– created via xtranormal– features a pair of cartoon bears discussing one bear’s journalism career options.

The naive aspiring journo bear wants a glamour gig with the Gray Lady and to forever feel the reporting rush he once received covering an all-night campus protest for his college newspaper.  The cynical journo bear warns him that right now reality is far from fantasy within the field.

A snippet from the chat’s start:

Bear 1: I would like to make a difference.  I would like to meet the president.  I want to work for the New York Times.

Bear 2: Would you like to write about pork belly futures for a trade magazine based in Topeka, Kansas?

Bear 1: No.  I want to write for the New York Times.  I want to live in a big apartment in Greenwich Village and go to cool restaurants every night with my exciting friends, like on TV.

Bear 2: Would you like to live in your parents’ basement and work for the local weekly on a contract basis without health benefits?

It does not quite hold up to “His Girl Friday,” but the back-and-forth is fairly quick and frequently humorous.  Enjoy.

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