University of Colorado Student Newspaper: “We Don’t Quit”

As the “structure and future of journalism” collapsed this semester at the University of Colorado, one foundation held steady: The CU Independent.

The student newspaper reported with grace and gusto about a bevy of big stories in fall 2010- including the controversial “discontinuance” (read: quick, painful death) of the university’s journalism school.

In an eloquent semester-in-review piece published Friday, Independent EIC Kate Spencer described staffers’ passion while covering fires- actual ones (the late October Boulder Canyon blazes) and metaphorical ones (the j-school disbandment brouhaha).

Two themes emerge within the editorial: 1) Amid journalism’s discontinuance (or the administration’s latest buzzword, “strategic realignment“) at CU, the paper will remain.  And 2) The present, and future, of journalism are in j-students’ hands.

Spencer calls the Independent both “the crux of journalism” and “the future of journalism education at CU.” In her words,

While others discuss the structure and future of journalism, we are out there actually doing it, providing a model for the future. . . . We don’t quit doing our jobs when the university announces it wants to rethink our journalism education. We don’t quit doing our jobs when fires rage across the city of Boulder. We don’t quit doing our jobs when we’re sick, tired, have midterms, have homework, break up with our boyfriends and girlfriends, or just want a break.  We don’t quit.  If nothing else, that is what this semester has taught us all. It has taught us how to stand strong in the face of adversity, and how to keep fighting. News is what we do, and we will never quit. Neither will generations of journalists who come after us.

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