Alcohol Ads and the Student Press: An Uneasy Relationship

At the dawn of yet another new year and a few weeks away from the start of yet another semester, one timeless collegiate tradition holds steady: student consumption of alcoholic beverages. — Drinking is as much a part of the undergraduate experience as spring break trips, summer internships, and sleeping through 8 a.m. classes.  And […]

College Bans Student from Campus for Newspaper Essay

One of the stranger news items to cross my path during the previous semester: A college in Maryland temporarily banned a student from setting foot on campus due to an article he wrote that was published in the student newspaper. — Early last month, Charles Whittington, an Iraq war veteran, was suddenly told he was […]

New Q Magazine at Yale Celebrates Queer Experience

“Q is coming out!” This exclamatory greeting kicks off the press release announcing college media’s latest creation: Q, a lifestyle magazine produced by students at Yale University. — It premiered at Yale earlier this month, in the wake of a marketing blitz that included the distribution of 1,000 condoms on campus.  According to its publisher […]

2011 CMA-CBI Convention: “Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something.”

In mid-March, more than 1,200 student journalists and their advisers will gather at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan’s Times Square for a convention with the savviest slogan this side of “Got milk?” and “Where’s the beef?” — The 2011 CMA-CBI Spring College Media Convention has a six-word command for its participants: “Don’t Just Sit There. […]

Oregon Daily Emerald to Publish Commemorative Book on Football Season

The Oregon Daily Emerald is entering the book publishing business.  Staffers at University of Oregon’s top-notch student newspaper are currently writing, editing, and laying out a commemorative book on UO’s magical football season.  The title: “Duck Season: Oregon’s Improbable Flight to the National Title Game.” — According to ODE EIC Nora Simon, the book will […]

Ten Student Newspapers Sporting the Most Facebook Fans

Facebook is funny within collegemediatopia.  It is an active and interactive networking tool for some student news outlets and an absolute dead zone for others. — In the first surveying of the student press Facebook landscape, Drake University multimedia journalism instructor Chris Snider was surprised by the small-ish followings for campus newspapers, especially when compared […]

Viral Video: “So You Want to Be a Journalist?”

A slice of the j-geek crowd on Twitter has been buzzing about a funny new video making the rounds.  It is titled simply, “So You Want to Be a Journalist?” — The roughly two-and-a-half-minute vid– created via xtranormal– features a pair of cartoon bears discussing one bear’s journalism career options. — The naive aspiring journo […]

In the Spotlight: Rob Tricchinelli, Public Editor, Cornell Sun

In an April 2009 introduction, Rob Tricchinelli asked readers of The Cornell Daily Sun, simply, “What do you like?  What do you hate?  What’s fair?  What’s not? What is the Sun doing well?  Poorly?  What’s being missed?“ — The questions, in many ways, define his job scope.  As the Sun‘s public editor, Tricchinelli acts as […]

‘Operation Ivy League’ Bust a Big Draw for Columbia’s Student Press

The recent drug bust at Columbia University known as “Operation Ivy League” has been a journalistic triumph and online traffic windfall for the school’s student news media. — Staffers at both The Columbia Spectator and Bwog– “the 24/7 blog incarnation” of the student news magazine Blue and White– have been covering OIL nonstop since reports first surfaced last […]

University of Colorado Student Newspaper: “We Don’t Quit”

As the “structure and future of journalism” collapsed this semester at the University of Colorado, one foundation held steady: The CU Independent. — The student newspaper reported with grace and gusto about a bevy of big stories in fall 2010- including the controversial “discontinuance” (read: quick, painful death) of the university’s journalism school. — In […]

College Radio’s FM Footprint Fading: Is Online the Answer?

Does college radio still deserve a “terrestrial footprint“? — Student stations on or near campuses nationwide continue to provide undergrads with invaluable on-air experience and act as the last bastions of non-mainstream music promotion.  But their relevancy to student listeners and survival prospects on the FM dial are under renewed scrutiny. — According to a […]

Random Tweets About College Media: “Whatever Happened to the Student Newspaper?”

Campus Newspaper Shames Students Selling Rose Bowl Tix

The Badger Herald named names.  In an editorial published Sunday, the student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Madison listed more than 30 students it considered “the worst people on campus.” — The students’ misdeeds, according to the paper: They purchased coveted tickets to the Rose Bowl (sold out in 20 minutes) and then immediately attempted […]

Harry Potter Exclusive: Ball State Student Designer Explains How Daily Prophet Came to Life

“It was like I was in Harry Potter’s wizarding world,” said Jen Minutillo, “even if it was just for a day.” — The Ball State Daily News chief designer recently spearheaded the creation of a special issue for the student paper: The Daily Prophet, the newspaper of record in the land that Rowling built.  “I […]

Student Columns Name, Define Terms for ‘Generation Sex’

Half-night stands. Dance-floor erections. Dating with a lowercase ‘d.’ A hookup with fries on the side. House booty. Hungry mungries. McThreesomes. And the stride of pride. — The new sex terms of the current student generation have an unlikely primary source- the college newspaper. Over the past decade, college newspaper sex columns have coined or […]