Nearly 2,000 Newspapers Trashed at Florida Atlantic U.

After a mostly crime-free semester, the thieves are suddenly back en masse within collegemediatopia.  Earlier this week, close to 2,000 copies of the current issue of The University Press at Florida Atlantic University were grabbed from newsstands across campus and tossed in the trash.

As the UP itself reported in a brief article online, “Of the 39 [newspaper] bins located on the Boca campus, all of the issues in 31 bins appear to have been thrown away in nearby trashcans.”

In an e-mail exchange earlier this evening, UP editor in chief Karla Bowsher stated that staff do believe the mass grab-and-trash operation is probably related to the issue’s content.  “We suspect- but have no evidence that- the (apparent) thefts are tied to the issue’s cover story,” she wrote.  “We broke the news before any other outlet about a lawsuit against the dean of our College of Arts and Letters and then about the philosophy department chair . . . resigning following our coverage of the lawsuit.”

According to Bowsher, staff have provided statements to campus police and completed an affidavit confirming their desire to file charges.  The police chief told Bowsher he will personally be checking security camera footage beginning tomorrow in hopes of identifying a suspect or suspects.

The current case is the second reported newspaper theft at a Florida university this month.  Last week, close to 4,000 copies of The Spinnaker at the University of North Florida were stolen, prompting a 2,000-copy reprint and an investigation that remains open.

This incident also follows a similar trashing of 900 copies of the UP in February, later linked to a student pledge reacting to a story on FAU fraternity hazing.  In Bowsher’s words, “I don’t think it’s a coincidence . . . that both trashed issues featured the type of investigative reporting the UP is sort of known for.”

A screenshot of the cover of the November 9th issue.

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  1. thekrg says:

    Newspaper theft is an unacceptable form of censorship. Was there a price listed on the papers? I hope they’re able to find the individuals and press charges.

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