Breaking News: Spinnaker Papers Stolen Less Than a Week After Pacemaker Win

Roughly 3,800 copies of The Spinnaker, the student newspaper at the University of North Florida, were stolen earlier this week.  It is the largest reported theft of campus newspapers so far this semester.

The mass theft operation nabbed nearly the entire 4,000-copy print run for the paper’s current issue, amounting to an estimated $7,800 in lost production and revenue costs. According to a Spinnaker report, 2,000 extra copies were printed and delivered to the Jacksonville campus late this afternoon.  The report does not cite any known suspects, motives or eyewitness accounts at this point.

Editor in chief Josh Gore told The Florida Times-Union that “the paper didn’t have any ‘gotcha’ stories or other particularly controversial articles in the issue.”  In his words, “It seemed like a coordinated effort.  They picked off all the papers in the inner core of campus and only left a couple of the outlying boxes untouched.”

The mysterious theft comes in the immediate wake of a Spinnaker moment of triumph.  The paper just received its first ACP Pacemaker award– “considered the Pulitzer Prize for college newspapers”- in the four-year non-daily newspaper category.  The awards were announced this past weekend in Louisville at the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention.

A screenshot of the current Spinnaker issue cover.

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  1. thekrg says:

    This one doesn’t make sense at all. Did you figure out why they were taken?

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