USA Today: “Sex Columns Revolutionize College Media”

A new USA Today piece (in today’s Life section, page D6!) includes a Q&A with me about Sex and the University and my “insights gleaned from reading more than 2,500 student sex columns.”

As the write-up begins, “University of Tampa journalism professor Daniel Reimold says his passion is campus media.  Can he help it if the big story over the past decade is about sex?

A snippet of the interview below:

Q: What conclusions can we draw about students’ sex lives from these columns?

A: These are wonderful sociological treasures in defining this sexual generation.  The quote I love most is, “We’re not Baby Boomers.  We’re not part of Generation X. We’re generation sex.”  They’re speaking to students in their own language. They cover every extreme possible but primarily grapple with how confusing the current social, sexual landscape is on campus. The general sentiment seems to be that all rules have been thrown out the window. Chivalry is gone, dating is passé, gender roles reversed. There’s no blueprint for how students are supposed to act with each other. The columnists are asking, “Is this really good for us?”

Q: Extremes, huh? Do you believe everything you read?

A: I would truly say with full confidence that the columns are giving attention to issues students are engaged in. They’re compressing the campus culture into 600 to 800 words a week. They’re trying to be sarcastic to retain readers. There is an element of the exaggerated or sensational embedded in some of the pieces. But it’s coming from students themselves.

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