Live from Louisville: ACP’s Best of Show Winners

As a capper to the national convention, ACP announced its 2010 Best of Show Winners in a variety of online, broadcast, and print categories.  As a judge helping evaluate the best online news outlets among large schools, I enjoyed scrolling, probing, pointing, clicking, reading, and viewing portions of more than two dozen top-notch student news sites.

The well-deserved victors are listed below- click on each screenshot to travel to their sites.  Special kudos to the University of Idaho, which sports a pair of sites in the top five:

1. The Oakland Post, Oakland University

2., Kent State University

3. Blot, University of Idaho

4. Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech.

5. The Argonaut, University of Idaho

6. Iowa State Daily, Iowa State University

7. The Daily Bruin, UCLA

8. Inside, Indiana University

9. The Daily Tar Heel, UNC

10. The Arbiter, Boise State University

3 Responses to “Live from Louisville: ACP’s Best of Show Winners”
  1. Madison says:

    Thanks for the special shout-out Brian. We have worked very hard on both Blot Magazines site and the new We could not be more happy with this weekends results.