Red & Black Editor in Chief Resigns After Football Incident

Update, December 1st: The paper’s EIC apparently smuggled a Vodka bottle into the president’s box, in violation of the stadium’s alcohol policy.  According to one witness, he was also “stumbling around,” sporting a slightly unkempt appearance, and engaging in periodic “sloppy rambling” while speaking with others in the box. Read more here. — — The editor in […]

Editor Resigns Amid Paper’s Battle with Student Government

There is a classic battle brewing in Bend, Ore.: student newspaper versus student government.  The Broadside, the student-run weekly at Central Oregon Community College, has been at odds with the Associated Students of Central Community College (ASCOCC) over an “investigative series on student government corruption” it launched this semester. — Among its findings, according to […]

Student Humor Magazine Pulled From Newsstands for ‘Offensive Images’

The latest issue of the Toike Oike, a student humor magazine at the University of Toronto, has been removed from campus newsstands amid complaints about a pair of images perceived by some to advocate or trivialize domestic abuse. — As the president of the school’s Engineering Society, the Toike‘s chief financial sponsor, told The Varsity, U […]

Topless Photo Shoot a First for Cambridge Student Paper

How much nudity should appear in the student newspaper? The Varsity, an independent student weekly at Britain’s Cambridge University, pushes the envelope in its latest issue with a fashion-themed photo spread featuring an undergraduate female topless and bottomless-from-the-back. — — The print-and-online spread, “Days of Heaven,” spotlights a lone student, a 20-year-old Japanese major, posing […]

Murder Reference in Harvard Students’ Yale Video Parody: Clever Satire or Grossly Insensitive?

A video parody produced by a prominent student comedy team at Harvard mocking various parts of its Ivy League rival Yale has stirred controversy for its reference to last year’s murder of a Yale graduate student. — The video, “Why Did I Choose Yale?”, a spoof on a similarly-named vid produced by the Yale Admissions […]

University Press Snatcher Nabbed by FAU Police

Florida Atlantic University police have arrested a philosophy graduate student in connection with the recent theft and trashing of The University Press. According to a UP report, Yona Rabinowitz, 25, has been charged with grand theft, trespassing, and resisting arrest.  Bail has been set at $3,000. — FAU police say one other suspect remains at large […]

Random Tweets About College Media

Below is a sampling of recent tweets in some way related to college media.  A few are funny.  Several are serious.  The rest are just far out.  Enjoy! — — — — — — — — — — — —

For ‘Potter’ Premiere, BSU Paper Becomes Daily Prophet

“With seven books, eight movies, a theme park and millions of fans,” a new piece in The Ball State Daily News confirms, “‘Harry Potter’ has sprouted from a simple idea to a $15 billion franchise.”  It has also inspired a temporary campus newspaper reinvention. — The latest issue of Ball State University’s student paper has been […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Kyli Singh, Opinion Editor, The Miami Hurricane

Smokers’ rights.  Students’ sexual health.  Digital textbooks.  The arts in higher education.  Illegal music downloading.  Weapons possession in restaurants and bars.  Campus parking.  The campus shuttle service.  The campus police Emergency Notification Network.  The Amish.  The Tea Party.  President Obama. Greg Giraldo.  Marco Rubio.  Lauryn Hill. — What do all these issues and individuals have in common? […]

Quinnipiac Student Newspaper Told to Drop Housing Ads

Here we go again? Last month, Quinnipiac University administrators informed editors of The Chronicle student newspaper they should immediately stop running advertisements from area housing companies. — The newspaper refused the command, deeming it “a blatant example of prior restraint, and a chilling of free press.” — According to a Student Press Law Center report, QU […]

Journalism & Technology: A Love Story, by Bryan Murley

Journalism and technology are NOT at odds in higher ed. classrooms and curricula worldwide, according to the Center for Innovation in College Media‘s Bryan Murley.  In a recent revved-up rant of a post, Murley attempts to quash what he considers “the tired, tired refrain that we’re teaching too much tech in journalism schools.” — A piece […]

With Ad Sales Down, Montana State Student Newspaper Gets Serious

“Kick ass. Take names. Double-check the spelling.” The words implanted on the sign above the editor’s desk within The Exponent newsroom symbolize a current reinvention of sorts taking place at the paper- one possibly needed to save its life. — According to a new Bozeman Daily Chronicle report, the 115-year-old student newspaper at Montana State University […]

Nearly 2,000 Newspapers Trashed at Florida Atlantic U.

After a mostly crime-free semester, the thieves are suddenly back en masse within collegemediatopia.  Earlier this week, close to 2,000 copies of the current issue of The University Press at Florida Atlantic University were grabbed from newsstands across campus and tossed in the trash. — As the UP itself reported in a brief article online, […]

Things to Know Before Dating a Student Journalist

Is this romantic encounter on the record? Why is he taking notes at the frat party?  When I said I loved her, why did she tell me she needed a second source? — A new post on the site Stuff Journalists Like offers numerous pieces of advice for individuals interested in entering into a relationship […]

Should Student Newspapers Hire Ombudsmen?

Amid the recent controversy over the Diamondback scooter editorial cartoon, the start of the editor in chief’s letter to readers intrigued me. — Even before apologizing and explaining the process by which the cartoon was approved and published, EIC Marissa Lang admitted that she wished she had a middleman– a reader’s representative, a watchdog on […]