Watch for Me, The Minaret, on ‘Nightline’ Tonight!

Update: Here’s a link to the full episode of “Nightline” that aired the segment featuring us.  It leads off the broadcast.

Tune into ABC’s “Nightline” tonight (11:35 p.m. EST).  You just might catch a glimpse of me and some of the student staffers of The Minaret, the newspaper I am proud to advise at the University of Tampa.

Last week, a “Nightline” crew led by correspondent Vicki Mabrey and producer Kinga Janik stopped by UT.  As part of a planned segment on the college hook up culture, Mabrey spoke with me for a bit about the two core focus areas of my book- student sex and dating and the students who are writing and reporting about it.

Mabrey also chatted with Hannah Webster and Dominique Barchus, a pair of standout UT students who serve as Minaret love and sex columnists.  Buttressing the interviews, the crew captured the columnists, editors, and I in action, editing text and layout in the newsroom and overseeing the (frankly hilarious) shoots for the photos running with their columns in the current issue.


Correspondent Vicki Mabrey interviews Hannah Webster (left) and Dominique Barchus about their sex column work earlier this week on the front steps of UT's historic Plant Hall. Producer Kinga Janik works one of the two cameras capturing the trio's chat.


According to Janik, unless the Chilean miner story continues to play as big or other breaking news trumps regular programming, the story will air tonight (Monday).  If not, it will hopefully be on at some point this week.  Either way, I’ll include the link to the full episode within this post ASAP.


Click on the image to read Webster's current column.


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  1. Harumi Gondo says:

    The link to the Nightline segment is not working. Looking forward to seeing it.