BU Student Radio, Zombies, and a New War of the Worlds

Think “War of the Worlds,” circa 2010.  Inspired by the classic Orson Welles alien invasion broadcast, students at Boston University’s WTBU Radio are staging a similarly apocalyptic multimedia serial set in present day.

The threatening creatures in the five-part WTBU narrative are not extraterrestrials, but zombies– “complete with flesh wounds, protruding bones, maggots, and rotting skin.”  The broadcast’s title: “The Undead End.”

As the station explains, “The story will be told mainly through news reports on WTBU Radio and will gradually evolve to form a grand narrative that chronicles the road to the zombie apocalypse. What makes ‘Undead End’ different, however, is its focus on audience interaction and participation in order to create an immersive storytelling experience.”

WTBU’s Performance Department is spearheading the “Undead” production.  The core radio reports are being complemented by a slew of cross-media tie-ins and multimedia extras, including video of a zombie attack (an open casting call was held) and a full-blown faux news site.  As the performance team confirms, “We also plan on supplementing the story by including articles that will be published in the BU paper [The Daily Free Press] and the WTBU blog, as well as videos to be posted online.”

The opening broadcast premiered last week.  New episodes will air each Thursday evening for the rest of the month.  Will Bostonians- and the rest of humanity- survive this “zombie apocalypse”? As the production’s tagline warns:

Prepare yourself for the Undead End.

A screenshot of the online outlet detailing related “Undead” news.

One Response to “BU Student Radio, Zombies, and a New War of the Worlds”
  1. AramZS says:

    Hey, this sounds like a really cool idea. I’d love to know more about how it’s pulling in audience interactions. Will there be a Zombie flash mob? :)