Live from Louisville: Newspaper Stacks, a Newspaper Dress & Avatars

A trio of photos providing just a glimpse of my convention and Kentucky experience. — — —

Live from Louisville: A Midnight Cereal Critique

This morning, at midnight, I munched on Frosted Flakes and pored over student journalism.  I was a participant in a witching hour tête-à-tête with college newspaper staffers that for me was the highlight of convention programming. — The midnight cereal critique involved a bevy of advisers offering instant analyses of student newspapers to their staffers, […]

Live from Louisville: “More Personal, In-Depth, and Not as Breaking”

Nighttime in downtown Louisville.  It has segued from crisp to cold- at least for a guy who’s spent the past few years in Singapore and Florida. — The nickname for Louisville, at least according to slogans I see everywhere, is “Possibility City.”  It is a nice backdrop for two other memorable sessions I attended today- […]

Live from Louisville: A News Design Revival of Sorts

The 89th annual ACP/CMA National College Media Convention is well under way in crisp, sunny Louisville.  A highlight of the morning sessions for me: a news design revival of sorts led by journalistic guru Michael Koretzky. — I’d heard stories from many others about his entertaining and unconventional convention presentations.   I can now say […]

My Take: The Point of Journalism School, Anyway

A National Public Radio report recently reopened one of the most spirited debates within collegemediatopia.  The question at its core: “What’s the point of journalism school, anyway?” — The report presents the classic arguments: the skyrocketing cost of higher education vis-à-vis the decline in mainstream news media careers versus the still-powerful impact of quality journalism and the […]

Latest Comic Controversy: UCONN’s Daily Campus

Comedy is increasingly causing controversy within collegemediatopia. Since last spring, at least a half dozen high-profile student press firestorms have been hand-drawn- centered on campus papers’ editorial cartoons or original comics. — The latest: a debate dubbed “cartoon-gate” at the University of Connecticut focused on a pair of comics published last month in The Daily […]

College Media Review, Fall 2010: Iraq, Elections & Access

A new issue of College Media Review is now in print and online.  Its featured cover story: my report on the founding of The AUI-S Voice, the first independent college news media outlet in Iraq. — Other pieces explore the student press power struggle at private schools, navigating the “alphabet soup” of education records such as FERPA […]

Washington Square News Editors ‘Open Rift at Paper’ Over Supervisor’s Role, Salary

A number of current and former staffers at New York University’s Washington Square News are concerned about the paper’s own director of operations, an NYU Local piece confirms. — The growing resentment appears to center not on the person, but the position- a non-student supervisory role that apparently is required by the university in exchange for campus […]

Stony Brook Journalism Students Face Source Stonewalling

Student journalists at Stony Brook University are facing a stonewalling from campus sources that is undermining their ability to practice and learn the craft, a professor in the SBU School of Journalism wrote earlier this month. — According to j-prof Barbara Selvin, a heavy-handed university media relations team has increasingly “created an atmosphere in which nearly […]

University of Kentucky, Kernel Settle Stadium Dispute- For Now

The University of Kentucky and The Kernel student newspaper have reached a temporary agreement regarding the Kernel‘s distribution privileges in the parking lots of the school’s football stadium. — Collegemediatopia supporters, the blogosphere and the Twitter-verse were abuzz last week with news that UK officials had barred the paper from being passed out in the […]

Watch for Me, The Minaret, on ‘Nightline’ Tonight!

Update: Here’s a link to the full episode of “Nightline” that aired the segment featuring us.  It leads off the broadcast. — Tune into ABC’s “Nightline” tonight (11:35 p.m. EST).  You just might catch a glimpse of me and some of the student staffers of The Minaret, the newspaper I am proud to advise at […]

SGA Orders Newspaper to ‘Take a Break,’ Suspends Funding

Late last month, the Student Government Association at Mansfield University voted to immediately and indefinitely suspend funding for The Flashlight student newspaper. — According to a Williamsport Sun-Gazette report, the SGA at the Mansfield, Pa., school went so far as to tell the campus weekly to “take a break” and has set up a “restructuring committee” […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Nora Simon, Editor in Chief, Oregon Daily Emerald

On her Twitter bio, Nora Simon puts it simply: “Every day I’m editing.” The personal observation is also the title of one of her blogs. — Simon is editor in chief of The Oregon Daily Emerald– the EIC of the ODE. She has already overseen a major print redesign of the paper and is promoting […]

Are Students Receiving Too Much Tech Training in Journalism School?

Are j-schools and j-programs “jumping on the flashy new media bandwagon” at the expense of the basic skills of the craft? — According to a new piece by Tony Rogers, a veteran journalist and head of the j-program at Bucks County Community College near my old stomping grounds in Pa., there is a growing […]

Echo’s KKK Comic Stirs Criticism at Eastern Michigan

Another comic scandal has befallen collegemediatopia.  The staff of The Eastern Echo at Eastern Michigan University has apologized for the recent publication of a KKK-themed editorial cartoon that caused an uproar on campus. — The image depicts a small group of white hood-wearing individuals gathered around a noose tied indelicately to a tree branch. In […]