LSU Shreveport Student Paper Resumes Printing, for Free

The Almagest at LSU Shreveport is back in print, sporting a “newly-designed, all-color” hard copy issue for the first time in a year.  The student newspaper had been forced to shed its ink-stained edition out of financial duress last fall.

As the paper itself reported: “Since the beginning of the current economic depression, every component of LSUS has experienced its repercussions in different ways. A lack of funds has slashed the hours of Noel Memorial Library, almost every SGA meeting has time spend working around one budget crisis or another and for the LSUS newspaper, the Almagest, it took away one of the defining aspects of a publication: a printed paper.”

After operating online-only for two semesters, the weekly paper has returned to its printed glory, interestingly, through an LSUS upper-level management student’s class project.  As the Almagest shares, “[The student’s] idea was very simple; ask The Shreveport Times [the nearby professional daily] to print the paper [for free], and in exchange, sell and print ads in it as well.”

Through the unique printing-advertising arrangement, print Almagest 2.0 is larger than its predecessor and appearing for the first time in color.  The student paper’s executive editor: “Words can’t explain how excited the staff here at the Almagest is about our new creation, but we are even more excited for what it means for the university.”

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