Thieves Break Into Torch Newsroom (Again) at UMD

In the past two years, The Torch newsroom at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has suffered a pair of break-ins resulting in stolen tech equipment totaling more than $13,000.  In March 2009, thieves made off with a range of items from the student paper’s HQ, including the then-EIC’s personal laptop.  The most recent break-in occurred late last weekend- an iMac is missing and the newsroom was trashed.

As the lead story of the current Torch issue recounts, “The office was in disarray.  In addition to the small trash bin being knocked over, the cabinet doors and desk drawers were open, desks were moved and the couch was tipped over.”

The current EIC’s reaction, outlined in an e-mail to staff: “I find this act to be not only a violation of our privacy but also extremely disrespectful.  I have no idea as to why anyone would do this.”  It is an interesting question.  Obviously, a basic desire for wrongdoing and free new media seems most obvious.  Or might it be someone (or a few someones) attempting to simultaneously get the paper’s attention?  Regardless of the motive, the paper rightfully placed coverage of the act on its front page, linking it to a larger slew of vandalism and thefts on campus.

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