Prairie Student Newspaper “Back to Basics,” Back in Print

After a year in flux, The Prairie, the longtime student weekly at West Texas A&M University, is back in print, in newspaper form.  According to a local television news report, 1,500 copies were distributed earlier this week across campus.  Last year, due to “low funds and trouble finding a publisher,” the paper morphed into a biweekly magazine.

The news anchor introducing the story described it in the context of the old and new media divide: “As more and more things go digital, West Texas A&M is going back to basics.” Yet, WTAMU is far from alone. The Prairie move is part of a much larger push within collegemediatopia to restart or passionately maintain student pubs’ print editions.  Is it a naive holding-on to the past or a solid investment in the (at least immediate) future- or a bit of both?

The Prairie‘s adviser cites the following print benefit:”It’s a lot easier for them [students] to pick up a hard copy and read it as they’re walking across campus or skim through it at the lunch table. We think on a college campus it’s going to have some advantages.”

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