Student Blames Sleeplessness on Journalism, Campus Paper

Kay Nguyen is overworked, undervalued, and entering the throes of uber-sleep-deprivation.  The Oakland University commuter student always enjoyed a routine family life and a rigid early-to-bed-early-to-rise schedule . . . until she received a laptop and a news media itch.  Cue headlines, ledes, and late, late nights.

As she asks in an amusing new Huffington Post College piece, “Why did my sleeping habits change when nothing else changed, though? Like everything else: I blame it on journalism.”

The principal target of Nguyen’s journalistic blame game: her current position as editor in chief of The Oakland Post.  In her words, “Guess when I began harboring the compulsive need to always stay connected and on top of current events?”

The journalism industry’s woes and their impact on her post-grad plans also keep her up nights.  “I do unpaid internships,” she writes, “freak out about the prospect of not getting a job, work on my portfolio, worry about the job market, try to get my website up and running . . . try to get good grades in case I have to go to grad school and bug out a little more while scouring the internet for more unpaid Internships that will hopefully land me a job in the future.”

In the end, Nguyen’s overwrought, insomniac account is most fascinating for what it omits: any explanation about why college journalism circa 2010 is worth staying up for and stressed out over.

So to all the j-student extraordinaires out there, what’s your answer?  Why are you wide awake and relaxingly optimistic about the journalism of your youth???

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