College Media’s Future: Should Student Journalists Be Paid?

The Orient as we know it is dying.  The Bowdoin College student newspaper is bleeding money from its coffers at a pace that will soon make printing actual copies an unaffordable luxury. — In an easy-breezy blame game, the big fat target is the college’s SAFC.  Last fall, the Student Activities Funding Committee suddenly sliced […]

LSU Shreveport Student Paper Resumes Printing, for Free

The Almagest at LSU Shreveport is back in print, sporting a “newly-designed, all-color” hard copy issue for the first time in a year.  The student newspaper had been forced to shed its ink-stained edition out of financial duress last fall. — As the paper itself reported: “Since the beginning of the current economic depression, every […]

Student Newspaper Allowed to Resume Publishing, One Issue Too Late

The contractual gobbledygook that led to a recent student press-school admin. standoff at California’s Southwestern College has been settled.  But, according to the Student Press Law Center, tensions remain. — The gist, as I previously outlined: The semester starts.  Southwestern College officials suddenly block publication of the student paper’s first issue.  They say The Sun must […]

Story Idea: College Faculty, Staff Living in Student Dorms

In a new piece for The Washington Post, higher ed. reporter extraordinaire Jenna Johnson identifies a growing trend at colleges nationwide: faculty, staff, and their spouses and kids living among students in the dorms. — In my stint overseas, I saw faculty and family regularly provided with on-campus housing, although in separate buildings.  By comparison, here […]

Thieves Break Into Torch Newsroom (Again) at UMD

In the past two years, The Torch newsroom at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has suffered a pair of break-ins resulting in stolen tech equipment totaling more than $13,000.  In March 2009, thieves made off with a range of items from the student paper’s HQ, including the then-EIC’s personal laptop.  The most recent break-in occurred late last […]

Purdue Student Paper’s “Sex Position” Cartoon Prompts Outrage, Apology

A cartoon published in last Friday’s Exponent, Purdue University’s student newspaper, has spurred criticisms and an online protest for its depiction of what some perceived as non-consensual sexual activity.  The paper’s editor in chief has apologized for the cartoon, part of a regular Exponent series, “Sex Position of the Week.” — In the controversial three-panel […]

In the Spotlight: Amanda Podgorny, Northern Star, NIU

According to Amanda Podgorny, The Northern Star at Northern Illinois University sports a handful of student journalists known simply as “the muckrakers.” “During any given school year, you will see the Star break anywhere from two to five in-depth investigative stories that the local papers seem to be lacking,” said Podgorny.  “These people take their […]

College Paper’s Printing Contract Causes Censorship Dispute

Is it censorship or just the enforcement of a policy that had for too long gone overlooked? An intriguing debate has surfaced at California’s Southwestern College over school officials’ sudden interest in how its campus newspaper is selecting its printer. — As The San Diego Union-Tribune (via Inside Higher Ed) reports: “The issue arises from […]

Chicago St. Censorship: Tempo Court Case Continues

A mini-major student press victory has emerged from a federal courtroom in Chicago.  According to a Student Press Law Center news flash, and a separate Courthouse News Service report, a judge has ruled that a former editor and former faculty adviser of The Tempo at Chicago State University may continue their lawsuit against the school […]

Student Newspapers *Still* More Popular in Print

Since the dawn of time, and through the rise of online, one immutable truth remains, ink-stained: The student newspaper is popular in print. — In recent years, at least once a semester, a new trend piece emerges to confirm that the hard-copy campus pub is *still* outshining its online counterpart.  (Bryan Murley and I even […]

BYU Student Newspaper Cuts “Offensive” Prop. 8 Letter

A strange self-censorship case is brewing at Brigham Young University. Editors at The Daily Universe, BYU’s campus newspaper, recently removed a letter to the editor from its website seemingly for no other reason than its espousal of views at odds with leaders of the school’s affiliated church. — As Cynthia Lee writes for By Common […]

Harrisburg University Starts “Social Media Blackout”

On Monday, beginning at midnight, the IT team at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will temporarily restrict students, faculty, and staff from accessing Facebook, “its social media kin” such as Twitter, and various wikis via computers connected to the campus network.  According to an Inside Higher Ed report, the intriguing weeklong “social media blackout” […]

Prairie Student Newspaper “Back to Basics,” Back in Print

After a year in flux, The Prairie, the longtime student weekly at West Texas A&M University, is back in print, in newspaper form.  According to a local television news report, 1,500 copies were distributed earlier this week across campus.  Last year, due to “low funds and trouble finding a publisher,” the paper morphed into a […]

College Students Become Mini-Moguls While Still in School

In April 2007, Zephyr Basine arrived at school for her noontime biology seminar- and immediately zoned out. Instead of learning science, the sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst carried out a “fashion-scoping session.” While the professor spoke about organisms and evolution, Basine focused on her fellow students’ outfits and accessories, scouting for something new, […]

Former Adviser Recalls “Making of Real Student Newspaper”

One of my favorite quotes about college journalism comes from New York University professor Jonathan Zimmerman, circa 2003: “The administrators must be annoyed at the student newspaper, or else something is terribly wrong.” — The idea behind the utterance is not that campus media’s direct aim should be to anger admins.  Instead, Zimmerman is simply […]