Student Newspaper Typo: Sorority Sisters Become “Ho”

The editorial board of The Independent Florida Alligator is calling it a “front-page nightmare of a typo.” In the eighth paragraph of the lead story in last Wednesday’s paper, a reference to members of a University of Florida sorority was accidentally singular- and sexual.

A description of students’ outfits on the annual UF sorority bid day: “The Delta Gamma girls wore sailor caps, and the Alpha Epsilon Phi ho wore similar green and white ones.”  Spot the slip?

In an apology to readers, the Alligator board swore there was no malicious intent, instead blaming the mistake on “technical difficulties.”  As the open letter, headlined “Foot in Mouth,” explained, “Sometime between the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall semester, our computers decided to make our lives a living hell by freezing every time we try to do anything. When we’re typing and the computers freeze, sometimes it takes so long to unfreeze that we completely forget what we were trying to do when it froze.”

In a related visual (below), the Alligator‘s popular editorial cartoonist Cynthia Despres captured the larger reality of how top eds. at student pubs often come across the errors of their ways.

The editors’ apology concludes with the line: “And come on, admit it- you laughed.” As a few comments beneath it reveal, that snippet seems to have rubbed some readers the wrong way.  What do you think- accurate in its assessment (admittedly, I did chuckle), a bit crass given the circumstances or a little bit of both?

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