CMM 10: Dave Hendricks & Ryan Dunn, College News Network Founders

CMM 10 is a spotlighting of the 10 individuals who have mattered most to college media over the past academic year.  This inaugural edition honors a mix of standout student journalists, innovative student media entrepreneurs, and impassioned outside advocates of campus press 2.0.  With a hat tip to the annual Time 100, the posts announcing each honoree include a few words of adoration penned by a close friend or colleague.  Next up…

Dave Hendricks & Ryan Dunn

Founders and overseers, College News Network

Lewis & Clark. Mickey & Minnie. Adam & Eve. Bill & Hillary. Sonny & Cher. Lucy & Ricky. Bonnie & Clyde. Simon & Garfunkel. Hendricks & Dunn. The Ohio University journalist sensations are the latest, greatest duos to leave a lasting mark on the world (wide web)- and collegemediatopia.

Their contribution: College News Network. They began the nationwide student press content-sharing site last November in the wake of UWIRE’s sudden disappearance.  From the beginning, the start-up venture was an exemplar of web 2.0 and student journalism awesomeness.  Impassioned.  Interactive. Easy to operate. Run with minimal overhead and a manageable work routine. A needed service at just the right time.  THIS is CNN.

Left to right: Dave Hendricks and Ryan Dunn. (Hendricks photo by Courtney Hergesheimer.)

Dunn: “Doggedly Pursues Every Story, Every Time”

By Dave Hendricks

Several years before we founded the College News Network, Ryan Dunn covered cops in Athens, Ohio, for Ohio University’s student-run newspaper, The Post. In a town filled with eager but inexperienced journalism students, the cops weren’t interested in meeting or dealing with a new reporter. But Ryan waited.

He went to every crime scene he could, kept calling officers who wouldn’t call back and chased every story. And, eventually, some of the officers warmed up to him. He went on to cover some of the biggest news of the year, including the deaths of two students who overdosed on heroin. To this day, he’s probably the only person at the paper who could tell you what shift a given officer is on. Ryan doggedly pursues every story, every time. And he doesn’t give up.

Hendricks is the co-founder of College News Network and an editor at The Post.

Hendricks: “A Natural Reporter”

By Ryan Dunn

The first time I heard of Mr. Dave Murray Hendricks, Jr. was when I started working for The Summer Post, the weekly version of our student paper after the regular year’s courses wrapped up. I decided to take a few classes before freshman year started, and was riding high with a story or two on a couple front pages.

On the fourth issue of my journalism career, I see seven (!) Dave Hendricks bylines. I asked my future editor how I could do this. She told me I don’t want to be like Dave, as journalism, well, let’s say took a priority over school. That sums him up well, and it was something I always shot for.  Over three years, I worked very closely with Dave at The Post and College News Network, the latter of which we co-founded. If I were a corrupt and well-paid administrator for any organization (God willing), Dave’s is one of the last calls I would take. With a dogmatic drive and knack for asking questions that yield great answers, he’s a natural reporter.

Dunn is the co-founder of College News Network and an editor at The Post.

Other CMM 10 honorees:


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Adam Goldstein, Student Press Law Center

Windsor Hanger, Stephanie Kaplan & Annie Wang, Her Campus

Davis Shaver, Onward State

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  1. Jerry zurek says:

    Maybe I missed it on the iPhone version of these great posts, but it would be helpful to have their twitter names.

  2. Thanks for thinking of us Dan.

    I’m actually no longer an editor at The Post; I left Athens this spring for a job in Texas. I also handed over control of College News Network to Ryan.

  3. Rebecca Black says:

    HELL YES your editor told you Dave was crazy. And back then, I may not have realized it was crazy like a fox. ;)

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