Koretzky: ‘Why Your College Newspaper Matters’

It is a college media manifesto of sorts. It is an open letter to journalism students worldwide. It is an important reminder. It is a wake-up call. It is a call to arms . . . all via Michael Koretzky.

Koretzky, the current volunteer adviser for The University Press at Florida Atlantic University (read more here), recently penned a piece featured atop Huffington Post College’s front page. The promo title: “Why Your College Newspaper Matters.”

Koretzky’s main point: Toiling on staff at a student newspaper teaches skills that are the lifeblood of almost every industry. The campus paper is not meant simply as minor league training for a professional newspaper gig. It is a time-tested trial run in creativity, financial discretion, ethics, marketing, new media, people skills and time management . . . all on a deadline. In Koretzky’s words, “No other extra-curricular activity on campus is better for your career- no matter what that is- than the newspaper.”

In the piece — which I nodded and smiled while reading basically the entire way through — Koretzky cites incentives for students aspiring to follow numerous non-journalism career paths. There are the expected connections to the legal, PR, and education fields. But he mentions a few unexpected job boosts as well.

For example, he describes a former staffer now in dental school: “[H]e wants to run his own dental practice, and he says he’ll have no problem navigating complicated insurance claims because he’s already dealt with the byzantine bureaucracy of FAU’s finance department.” Or as Koretzky notes at the close:

[M]y favorite was [a former University Press] business manager who volunteered to teach jail inmates in her spare time because she wanted to become an FBI profiler. She applied to a prestigious program, and her application cited how she deftly handled the dysfunctional personalities in both the jail and the newsroom — and that the latter was harder. She got in.

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