Former FAU Newspaper Adviser Now Volunteer “Permanent Guest Speaker”

Who is currently the most high-profile student newspaper adviser who is no longer an adviser even while still advising? The answer: Michael Koretzky.

Koretzky, a veteran journalist, served as the paid part-time adviser for The University Press at Florida Atlantic University for the past 12 years- until late last month.  A student media reorganization at the university led to his almost-immediate, hardly-a-word-of-warning termination. FAU administrators apparently want to hire a single full-time employee to advise all three student media outlets- University Press and the campus radio and TV station.

According to a Sun-Sentinel report, the paper’s student staffers are unhappy with Koretzky’s sudden firing, feeling it is a reaction to the pub’s hard-charging reporting and part of a larger effort to regulate content.

The Sun-Sentinel: Staffers “voted unanimously to keep Koretzky as their adviser, which he agreed to do as a volunteer. When FAU wouldn’t go for that, students named him to a new position: permanent guest speaker. He has agreed to show up every week, doing pretty much the same job as he’s done for the past 12 years. Students are also meeting with Koretzky off campus.”

A screenshot of a portion of Michael Koretzky's homepage.

Koretzky to students: “I’ll continue to help you publish the cutting edge journalism that has won this paper awards and its staff jobs. I just won’t get paid for it.”

How will this affect the paper’s relationship with the administration and its desire to continue digging for stories? How will Koretzky’s “permanent” presence and students’ current loyalty to him affect the new adviser’s ability to work with the paper?  And what is the *real* story here? The school is saying straight-up reorganization.  Students are crying content control.  I have almost no doubt this is to be continued…

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