Missouri J-Students to Major in One of 25 Interest Areas

Incoming students to the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism will have the option of majoring in one of 25 separate interest areas– and if none of those fit their ambitions, they will be allowed to create their own.

As the Missourian reports, the program revision is unique for its push away from the evermore generalized, convergence-happy curricula being put in place within other journalism schools and departments.

At Mizzou, the new plan of attack seems aimed at providing students with a general reporting, editing, and multimedia knowledge base and skill-set and then unleashing them in a more individualized direction of their choosing. Instead of majoring in just magazine journalism, for example, MU j-students can now jump into magazine design, magazine editing, magazine publishing and management, or magazine writing.

A still shot from the webcam focused on The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, home to the MU Journalism School.

The interest areas are as follows:

Arts and Culture Journalism

Convergence Photojournalism

Convergence Radio Reporting and Producing

Convergence Television Reporting

Emerging Media

Entrepreneurial Journalism

International Journalism

International Strategic Communication

Magazine Design

Magazine Editing

Magazine Publishing and Management

Magazine Writing

Multimedia Producing

Multiplatform Design

News Design

News Editing

News Reporting


Radio-Television Producing

Radio-Television Reporting and Anchoring

Science and Health Journalism

Strategic Communication

Visual Editing and Management

Watchdog Journalism  (Note: How cool does this sound?) :-)

2 Responses to “Missouri J-Students to Major in One of 25 Interest Areas”
  1. I have two concerns about this:

    1. J-school administrators and faculty members haven’t totally figured out how to teach journalism basics. They should focus their energy there before they develop new tracks like these.

    2. The plan is unresponsive to the job market. If demand for your specialty dips by the time you graduate, it’s going to be difficult to find a job in a different journalism field.

    More here: http://adambsullivan.com/?p=215

  2. Do you think that this would help students be trained for a job like this … (aside from the specific beat):