Student Editor: “Journalism Industry, Pay Attention to Us”

Last week, Amanda Litman laid the smack down.  In a piece for Huffington Post College, the North by Northwestern editor sounded the call I have been making since starting this blog- although definitely in a more confrontational tone than I normally take. :-)

Hey, journalism industry: pay attention to us,” she begins her admirably idealistic rallying cry. “Listen to us if you want to know to know how to save your jobs. You professional journalists are a lot of talk, whining and complaining about the demise of your industry. You are all missing the answer in front of your faces: turn to the college newspapers and on-campus magazines. College journalists, more so than any other enterprising bunch of reporters, have got the future of journalism figured out.”

Throughout the post, Litman cites a few of the many advantages of the student press, which is far too often patronizingly dubbed “the farm system” for the supposed “major leagues” of professional media:

  • True understanding and following of the much-hyped hyperlocal journalism model

  • Much more direct relationship with readers

  • Ability to put journalism first at all times, without worries about the bottom line

As Litman writes, “Our coverage isn’t dictated by advertising or our traffic numbers. Instead, we become part of campus conversation as we cover what people talk about between classes and over Twitter. Our story budgets are driven by what we want to know and what our friends are talking about. No other type of publication gets that kind of freedom. . . . So listen to us, the college publications. Don’t ignore the importance of our readers or our methods- we are what you will become.”

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  1. Jake says:

    Much agreed!