Student Editor: Someone Stole All Copies of Current Issue

Every copy of the current Current, the student newspaper at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisc., has vanished. Editor Nathan Giebel (recently featured in a CMM student journalist spotlight) suspects theft.  So do school officials. — In his words, “I think the main question on everyone’s mind at the moment is: Why? Did we print something […]

The Founding of Iraq’s Independent Student Press, Part 3

“One Team, One Newspaper” — The Founding of Iraq’s Independent Student Press — Part Three: “What! Another Newspaper?” — Dana Jaff knew it would happen.  He had seen it happen before.  He even unwittingly predicted it would happen on his own newspaper’s front page: The beginning Times would also be the end of Times. — […]

The Founding of Iraq’s Independent Student Press, Part Two

“One Team, One Newspaper” — The Founding of Iraq’s Independent Student Press — Part Two: “I Fell in Love with Iraq” — The Voice began, indirectly, with a stumble and a scandal.  Washington Post veteran staff writer Jackie Spinner arrived in Iraq in May 2004 primarily to cover the criminal proceedings tied to the infamous Abu […]

The Founding of Iraq’s Independent Student Press, Part One

“One Team, One Newspaper” — The Founding of Iraq’s Independent Student Press — Part One: “THIS is a Newspaper” — Zimnaku Mohammed Saleh lost his family, fled his homeland, and adopted a new identity– all before he could walk and talk.  As a four-month-old living in Halabja, Iraq, Saleh was one of the residents fortunate […]

The Breeze, a Storm: Student Press Freedom Torn at JMU

“Eww . . . Disgusting.”  “Like a journalistic terror attack.”  “You say tomato, I say Gestapo.” Those are just a few of the many, many outraged responses I have received about the Rodney-King-style beatdown of college press freedom at James Madison University. — As you have probably read by now, police and a county prosecutor […]

USC’s Neon Tommy Shows Journalism 2.0’s True Colors

Neon Tommy is an online news outlet built atop public service more than staff pay, “stories that nobody has heard before” more than parroting headlines of the day, and possessing “a certain blue-collar sensibility” wedded blissfully with new media’s rough-and-tumble gung-ho. — The USC news site is the new flagship enterprise of the larger Annenberg […]

April Fools’ Edition of Student Newspaper Prompts Protest

The annual burst of student press satire at the start of April stirred an uproar after all.  A group of 70 to 100 students and faculty gathered on the University of Colorado, Denver campus recently to protest the April Fools’ issue of The Advocate, a student weekly.  Protesters declared the satire in bad taste, citing […]

College Media Podcast: A Chat About the iPad, CICM News

In a recent recorded chat, Bryan Murley, director of the Center for Innovation in College Media (CICM), and I discussed a pair of topics impacting collegemediatopia: the iPad’s student press implications and one college newspaper’s early iPad app; and an announcement about some big news for CICM and Murley.  Please click below to listen in on […]

Student Editor: “Journalism Industry, Pay Attention to Us”

Last week, Amanda Litman laid the smack down.  In a piece for Huffington Post College, the North by Northwestern editor sounded the call I have been making since starting this blog- although definitely in a more confrontational tone than I normally take. :-) — “Hey, journalism industry: pay attention to us,” she begins her admirably […]

Headline Has Double Meaning in Health Care Plan Article

This is not a singling out of the student newspaper whose front page is pictured below.  It is simply a reminder that even the best of editorial intentions at times go awry.  Spot the (hopefully) unintended double entendre in the main header? —

UWIRE 2.0: Simple Design, Stressing Content Sharing First

UWIRE 2.0 is dressed down.  It seems to be stressing function over form, content to enable sharing of content among its student press affiliates without extra features or grander plans (for now).   As College News Network co-founder Dave Hendricks wrote in a recent preview piece, the logo is different and the site now operates […]

In the Spotlight: Nathan Giebel, Carthage College

Last month, reporter Nathan Giebel wrote a pair of pieces for The Current, the student newspaper at Wisconsin’s Carthage College– a news report touching on Carthage’s tuition increase, expenses, and professor salaries and a separate editorial on the college president’s salary. — The pieces themselves were interesting but the real story was embedded within the […]

College Media About the Mayhem, Not the Millions

This just in: College media, on the whole, are not rich, overstaffed, well-oiled machines. In fact, most student journalism outlets are one bad semester, staff shortage or poor leadership transition away from near-extinction every academic term. — And yet, this reality is often overlooked on campuses and within news reports. A few years back, Newsweek […]

Alcohol Ads Not Allowed in Campus Newspapers in Virginia

Happy hour is not allowed yet for college newspapers in Virginia- at least within their advertising.  One of the strangest student press restrictions has been upheld by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. — The majority ruling confirms the validity of a law severely restricting the rights of student newspapers at Virginia colleges and […]

Optimist Unveils First Student Newspaper iPad Application

The Optimist‘s iAwesomeness continues to be unparalleled in collegemediatopia.  As promised months earlier, the campus newspaper at Abilene Christian University became the first iPad-friendly student publication. Earlier this week, the paper launched its iPad edition as an application available for free download via the iTunes store. — The iPad push is part of a larger […]