Spring 2011 College Media Convention: Early Thoughts from New Director

In a spirited, wide-ranging Q&A that I strongly encourage you to click on and check out, Michael Koretzky, the incoming director of the annual spring College Media Convention, outlines his vision for a more svelte, conversational New York City experience for journalism students in 2011.

Michael Koretzky is the faculty adviser of The University Press at FAU and the new CMA spring College Media Convention director. Wikipedia: "His appearance has been compared to that of Chuck Norris."

Below are some of the highlights from his chat with Dmitry Gurvits, staffer at The College Voice, the student newspaper at New Jersey’s Mercer County Community College:

LOUNGING AROUND: “The biggest change we need to make [in 2011] is to create something called CMA Lounge. We’ll double the size of the exhibition area and we’re gonna have an area that has couches and tables and chairs and food and drink and most importantly Wi-Fi. I’m going to do my damndest to get Wi-Fi in some area of this convention. Maybe if you’re a convention of urologists you don’t need Wi-Fi. But if you’re a convention of media people, it’s as necessary as oxygen.”

LESS SESSIONS: “The other thing we’re gonna do to improve the convention is have less convention. . . . This convention there were about 300 sessions. We’ll cut that down to somewhere between 200 and 250. . . . [W]e’re going to figure out which sessions hit the mark, on both information and presentation and kinda let the others fade away.”

STUDENTS LEAD THE WAY: “If there’s going to be discussion, roundtable, confab or theoretical discussion, those discussions need to be led by students. Adults and advisers can be there, they should comment, but those are going to be led by students. . . . [Ideally] advisers don’t lead the meeting, they sit in the back and chime in when they have something intelligent to say, so they look really smart. I’ve already talked the President of CMA into giving up the presidential suite during the day, as we did in this convention. As long as we promise not to raid the liquor cabinet, she’s totally cool with that. So next year, there’ll be a lot of sessions in the presidential suites, we’ll have a series of conversations, practical or theoretical.”

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