Student Editor: Campus Paper Newsroom “Like an Antarctic Research Base”

The outgoing operations manager of The Cavalier Daily at the University of Virginia has penned an excellent goodbye editorial worth a glimpse, if nothing else, for its opening comparison.  In a piece headlined simply “Tundra-tested,” Wm. Hunter Tammaro writes:

The Cavalier Daily office is a lot like an Antarctic research base.  No, really. Although a student newspaper and the least-inhabited place on Earth might seem like polar opposites- no pun intended- they actually do share a great many traits. Each is a remote location where few dare to tread. Each has a dedicated group of staffers that spend huge portions of their time there. Each has a management that treats you well to keep you from going insane. And each has native wildlife- be they penguins or cockroaches- that completely lacks fear of humans.

The piece also touches on students’ timeless struggle to balance their academic, familial, social, and journalistic sides:

My roommates deserve to be canonized for putting up with my chronic absence during the day and my frantic working during the night. My family has always been willing to put up with me not being able to visit or going off the radar when my phone stops working underground. My professors over the past year have been incredibly helpful in granting me the inevitable extensions I needed to get anything resembling a decent grade.

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