Boston College Radio Station Proud to Have “No Commercial Potential”

“Ryan McDaid is very particular about the music he chooses for his radio show. One of the first requirements is that few can have ever heard it before.”

So begins a wonderful profile of student-run radio at Boston College, published by The Heights.  It documents the tale of two campus stations, including the FM-regulated WZBC, whose staffers shun top 40 hits like H1N1 in favor of eclectic, “experimental,” and “progressive” songs that deserve greater airplay and may be the future of music.

Literally, according to the Heights, its flagship evening show is titled “No Commercial Potential,” a program embodying the best of college radio.  It is out there.  It is solely about the music.  And it revels in the reality that for all the listeners it scares away it may lead others down the path of unparalleled personal music revelation.

The bottom line, according to McDaid: “Every new student is coming in as an individual, with their own history and taste in music. It would be absurd to think that one type of music is always going to be what the entire student body wants to hear. What we are doing is putting out a certain type of music, and if you want to hear new music or expand your musical palette, then listen to us . . . There are so many outlets to listen to mainstream radio, there are so few outlets to listen to intellectually progressive programming, which is what we are offering.”

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