Spring 2011 College Media Convention: Early Thoughts from New Director

In a spirited, wide-ranging Q&A that I strongly encourage you to click on and check out, Michael Koretzky, the incoming director of the annual spring College Media Convention, outlines his vision for a more svelte, conversational New York City experience for journalism students in 2011. — — Below are some of the highlights from his chat […]

Exclusive: UWIRE Set to Relaunch After Six-Month Hiatus

UWIRE is back. The predominant, temporarily dormant student press content sharing service will once again be live online- most likely later this week or early next week.  According to Tom Orr, UWIRE overseer and general manager of partner site Palestra.net, it is a soft launch focused on steadily reestablishing UWIRE as the main pipeline for college […]

SMU Daily Campus: ‘Why We Endorse Candidates’

The endorsing of political candidates prior to elections is a journalistic tradition older than the inverted pyramid and Larry King, combined. Many college newspapers trod a similar endorsement path with student government candidates- penning editorials prior to campus elections spotlighting the contenders they feel will be the best holders of particular offices.

Oregon State Not Liable for Limiting Student Newspaper’s Distribution on Campus

This just in: A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Oregon State University claiming the school effectively censored a conservative student newspaper by limiting its distribution on campus. — As I first reported last June, the student editor of The Liberty had claimed aggrieved status because the publication was forced to distribute copies in only a […]

Mashable: Onward State at PSU a “Sociological Petri Dish”

Onward State‘s legend grows.  A new Mashable post about the Penn State University online outlet describes it as nothing less than a “rogue campus blog” and a “sociological Petri dish”- one that is at the center of an epic “old/new media rivalry.”  The new write-up follows a recent Chronicle of Higher Education report that anointed […]

College Media Story Ideas: A Campus Tour’s Allure, and Lies

As Jenna Johnson writes in her Washington Post Campus Overload blog, “It’s high school spring break season- and if you are a junior (or an overachieving sophomore), chances are you will spend a chunk of your vacation wandering around college campuses with super-enthusiastic, backwards-walking student tour guides.” — — In the spirit of this backwards-walking […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Amina Elahi, Northwestern

In fourth grade, Amina Elahi’s teacher gave her a journal and told her simply, “You write very barebones. You need to learn how to write.” More than a decade later, the current Northwestern University senior is a writer, editor, and designer extraordinaire, overseeing a prominent magazine aimed at highlighting contemporary trends and issues impacting the […]

Student Newspaper at Alberta Apologizes for “Racist Jokes”

The editor in chief of The Gateway, the student newspaper at the University of Alberta, is apologizing for a satirical feature in the newspaper that included comments some readers found racially insensitive toward a pair of Indian students. — According to a Vancouver Sun report, the paper publishes an annual satire piece aimed at mocking […]

Michigan Daily Sued by Former Editor Accused of Plagiarism

A former senior news editor at The Michigan Daily who resigned last year amid allegations of plagiarism is suing the paper and university for “being wrong in their assessment,” failing to afford her the opportunity to defend herself, and triggering related emotional distress.  As the Daily itself reports, the ex-staffer, still a University of Michigan […]

In the Spotlight: Derek Flanzraich, HUTV Founder, Harvard

On a cold day in Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University psychology professor Steven Pinker lifts a television above his head and then smashes it into the ground.  With the TV’s innards exposed, he proceeds to stomp on it and whack it repeatedly with a metal pole. — The uber-aggression aimed at this old media outlet served […]

Update: KU Student Senate Finance Committee Votes to Cut Daily Kansan Funding

The Student Senate Finance Committee at Kansas University has fired the first real shot amid the increasingly heated war of words regarding funding for The Daily Kansan student newspaper. — As I first blogged about late last week, the Daily Kansan is facing a potential cut of $83,000 to its budget.  Why?  Because some members […]

NC State Technician: “The Paper Needs Your Help”

In a rather shocking new editorial, the few remaining staff of The Technician, the student newspaper at North Carolina State University, have issued an extraordinarily blunt public assessment of the newspaper’s weaknesses.  The basic premise: Help us, or very soon we will not exist. — As the editorial began, “Technician is looking down the business […]

Student Editor: Campus Paper Newsroom “Like an Antarctic Research Base”

The outgoing operations manager of The Cavalier Daily at the University of Virginia has penned an excellent goodbye editorial worth a glimpse, if nothing else, for its opening comparison.  In a piece headlined simply “Tundra-tested,” Wm. Hunter Tammaro writes: — The Cavalier Daily office is a lot like an Antarctic research base.  No, really. Although […]

Kansas Student Body President: Cut Daily Kansan’s Funding

Mason Heilman, the student body president at the University of Kansas, is publicly calling for a cut to the campus media portion of the school’s student fees, a move that would shed $83,000 from the budget of the The Daily Kansan. As the Kansan itself reports with admirable objectivity and restraint, his proposal is not […]

Eternal Ethical Question: A Student (Journalist’s) Identity

One of the oldest student journalism ethical tightropes unfurled with a bit of a new media twist recently at Cornell University. As Cornell Daily Sun public editor Rob Tricchinelli explained in his excellent write-up on the situation: — Mike Wacker ’10 is a Sun columnist whose ‘Wack Attack’ column appears alternate Wednesdays. Wacker recently arranged […]