Georgetown Voice Helps Start High-Profile Snowball Fight

When is a snowball fight also a social media revolution? On a wintry day in Washington D.C., one ambitious George Washington University undergraduate employed Twitter and The Georgetown Voice student newsmagazine to help spread the word about a snowy battle “that would eventually be referenced in one way or another by the Washington Post, LA Times, U.S. News & World Report, NBC DC, and a host of campus media outlets.”

In an exclusive e-interview with Campus Overload, a fantastic new online addition to the Washington Post run by education reporter Jenna Johnson, GW’s Kyle Boller explains:

The day before the snowball fight, I sent a tweet to @GtownVoice, Georgetown’s student magazine and blog, and suggested the idea. About 46 minutes later, they replied and planning began. We created an event page on Facebook and spread the word on Twitter. Within 24 hours, about 600 students from both schools had RSVP’ed (that number would eventually rise to 850 by the time of the event). . . . There is no doubt that the #gwgusnowdown was historic, as was the snowfall that made it possible. Hopefully, though, students from both schools will hold on to the greater messages of the event. One of those messages is that when organizational skill meets the power of social networking anything can be accomplished.

In the fierce, snowy combat, GWU prevailed.  Here is a Voice battlefield report: “Due to the lack of depth on the Georgetown side, the fight quickly devolved and most Hoyas were trudging back to campus with triumphant shouts from GW in the background within a half an hour. Other students report that GWU continued pelting GU until they were out of range, even as they removed their wounded from the battlefield.”  (Click the screenshot below to watch video of the fight.)

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